How Recovery Girl’s power could be harnessed for evil

How on earth could a school take a bunch of teenagers and subject them to such dangerous conditions without child abuse protesters bombarding their surroundings? Why, of course, because of Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl. This hero’s quirks are a major asset to UA High School, as her healing kiss provides a proper safety net for her dangerous training pursuits.

However, students and heroes are fortunate that Chiyo Shuzenji was not affected by the forces of evil during her youthful days, as her quirk could have fatal consequences. This nurse’s superpowers could have potentially disastrous consequences if they fall into the wrong hands; Here’s hoping All For One doesn’t make the same connection.


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quirks and all

Like any mother with the magical power to heal a boo-boo with a kiss, Recovery Girl’s Quirk allows her to heal broken bones and treat serious wounds, rejuvenating the patient’s health from the inside out faster. Despite what it seems, this heroic nurse doesn’t do the actual healing because her Quirk simply enhances the body’s ability to repair itself; so technically, whoever gets those enchanted Smooches actually does all the work.

Recovery Girl’s power is capable of extraordinary feats, which seems to encompass almost anything medically possible (hence except regrowing limbs or resuscitating corpses). courted. Before using her supernatural treatment, Recovery Girl must personally assess the injured patient’s condition to ensure her body is capable of handling the rapid healing, otherwise she could lose all stamina. And that doesn’t just mean lack of energy, but leads to death on a one-way street.

Recovery Girl is cautious about using her Quirk, as Deku quickly discovers that the teen heroine’s kiss at the end of each fight isn’t guaranteed. To remain as efficient as possible, Chiyo Shuzenji is also a qualified doctor who can rely on traditional medicine when needed. She performs surgery on Deku during the UA Sports Festival Arc before warping, but is only able to heal his hand to a certain extent. Due to the students’ increasingly reckless behavior, Recovery Girl threatens to refuse further treatment to those who impulsively put themselves in danger, fearing that one day she may be utterly powerless to save them.

The kiss of death

Chiyo Shuzenji is obviously a particularly compassionate and warm person who has a very close bond with All Might, but what if her life path took a darker turn? Imagine a villainous recovery girl (obviously with a more villainous name) who used her quirk to drain her victims of energy and deliver the ultimate kiss of death. The acclaimed support hero would become a nightmare prowling for victims in the same way a dementor would, leaving a completely different impression on her “patients”.

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The fact that her mouth can expand extremely gives this granny much greater maneuverability and a more desirable reach, and who knows how fast Recovery Girl can slap those lips. That malleable mouth (odd as it looks) could probably be relatively unremarkable; a potentially stealthy snake that can sneak up on its unsuspecting victim to deliver the final blow. Even at her advanced age, Chiyo Shuzenji has the potential to cause significant damage when placed in the perfect spot on the battlefield, combined with impeccable timing and strategic planning.

A fatal woman

As a member of the League of Villains, it would be best for Recovery Girl to have enough knowledge of all ongoing fights to be able to properly judge which contender would be more advantageous (and thus would never start a fight herself). From her comrades from the Paranormal Liberation Front who were in a pickle, Recovery Girl could possibly cure them with her Quirk, but it’s more likely that the enemy heroes would receive some “affection”. When the odds begin to weigh in the villains’ favor, Chiyo could strike at the (in)opportune moment (depending on how you look at it) to deliver a kiss and essentially cripple, if not kill, her already injured victims individually.

Since this has never been done before (as far as fans know), it’s unclear if Recovery Girl’s quirk would have any impact on an uninjured recipient. Since her powers speed up one’s healing abilities, they may not be able to be activated without a valid reason, but the League of Villains would be more than happy to help with the matter by pulling some victims together first. An evil Recovery Girl would therefore likely sit fairly high in the criminal ranks, as she would likely receive top-notch protection and is rarely expected to get her hands dirty (much like heroes view her status as almost similar to Nezu). ) Don’t take this old lady for granted, she’s essentially the glue that holds UA Academy together.

Season 6 of My hero academy is on for air crispy roll on October 1, 2022.

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