How Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC Gives Insights into Shepard . Companion

The voice actress for the female Shepard, Jennifer Hale, once described 3 . block effect The Citadel DLC is like a “love letter to fans”, and when playing through it, that description works. 3 . block effect is a dark game, but the DLC has a bizarre storyline and has absolutely no shortage of humour. After the plot is solved, Shepard’s companions from across the series come together and throw a big party.

Throughout the DLC, there is a lot of interaction between characters that was not explored in the original game. From Zaeed flirting with Samara to Shepard taking on the role of parenting when Grunt is having a hard time, the DLC is full of in-depth moments looking at Shepard and their companions. It shows them to be much more than their part in an emotional plot to save the universe from a deadly machine race from dark space.


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How cross-interaction benefits the characters

Samara and Zaeed look at a picture.

One of BioWare’s strengths Dragon age series has that Block effect never get party joking. Joke between companions in Dragon age will emit when passing a certain number of points and will be randomly sorted depending on the characters present. There’s a lot of content in these little moments, revealing a lot about characters that players wouldn’t know. In Dragon Age: Inquisition There are over five hours of voiceover voiced fun jokes alone. Block effect tried to do this in the elevator in the base game, but the attempt was lackluster.

However, Dragon age-like the joke that took center stage in the Citadel DLC. The characters are very chatty, both in and out of battle. On top of that, their unique personalities reacted to each other. People separated by different titles end up staying together, with the word characters 2 . Mass Effect as Jack and Miranda interact with characters from the first game, like Kaiden or Ashley.

Even in their own games, the characters don’t interact much with each other, and that changed in the Citadel DLC. Fans get to witness Garrus and Zaeed’s talking tactics, ban biology together argue with James Vega, and other friends hoping to teach the Joker how to shoot. Fans have to see what themes these characters can find in common and which themes set them apart.

When the character is not stressed

Tali and Samara dance.

To have a one-dimensional character is to show only one side of them, so multidimensional characters are characters that are shown to behave differently depending on the situation. The plot of 3 . block effect maximum tension for Shepard and their companionsand that stress affects their behavior, mostly anxiety, anger, depression and/or moodiness. The Citadel DLC showed a different side of all the characters, one side letting off steam and having fun.

What the characters do for fun reveals a lot about them and each has its own scene with Shepard with what they consider fun. For many fans and Shepard, these hobbies come as a surprise as they have never met such laid-back companions. Tali shares her favorite movies, Liara playing the piano, Kaiden cooking, and Zaeed’s addiction to a kid’s play in a video game. Some hobbies are a little less surprising, like drinking with Ashley or a drag competition James Vega, but doing them still reveals a lot about how the characters feel comfortable enough to share these activities with Commander Shepard.

The social role of a party

The characters look at Normandy.

In parties both in real life and in fiction, there are antics and roles that appear. There were heavy drinkers, florists, dancers and people selling snacks all night. Anyone who has been to a party or watched on television tends to know these roles, and has been in a role or two. In DLC Citadel, These roles are also addressed between the characters.

Fans must see it Joker is a wall flower a bit too self-aware at first. They find that Grunt can get so drunk that he doesn’t remember anything for the whole night. Kasumi does her own thing by exploring the apartment. Jack dances on the table as if she is the life of the party. After the party, the group was split into a wasteful group with a hangover, and the group tried to keep it together the next morning. The partying part of the DLC plays out almost like an alternate universe fanfic, partly looking to show how the characters will behave in the party setting.

4 . block effect is in the process of development.

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