How Marineford changed the series for the better

By Eiichiro Oda One mouthful The manga has grown into an international phenomenon during its release in Weekly Shonen Jump. The adventures of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates as they explore the world in search of the person of the same name. One mouthful has garnered countless anime and manga fans over the years.

Every major series has its turning point, and One mouthful is no different. With 100 collected volumes and over 1000 chapters, One Piece’s The narration was burnt slowly. Oda has been praised for his world-building, and the story has unraveled with an unusually organic proportion thanks to the series’ incredible length. The first installment of the series may have captured the interest of many longtime fans for its story, but One mouthful would not have been thought of the way it is today until the infamous Marineford Arc.


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What makes it so special?

one-piece-luffy-three admiral

Spanning all four episodes, 31 chapters and 33 episodes in the anime, Marineford cannot compare with contemporaries like Wano or Dressrosa in terms of length. But its impact on the series cannot be underestimated because of the range of events that comprise it. This arc features a number of revelations, key events, and final twists that serve as a major turning point in the series, shaping and influencing the story in ways that are still relevant for the series. One mouthful today.

Before Marineford, One mouthful seems to have taken its roots too comfortably in the formula it established in its first 12 years. The shocking explosion that happens just before the movie skips two years in time should set the tone for the big changes to come.

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Oda made it methodically One Piece’s reported over the years. Mangaka is famous for its attention to detail, set different narrative themes throughout a story that may not be relevant for many years at a time.

Marineford serves as a launchpad for many important events of the period after the time skip One mouthful world. In a way, it’s the concluding chapter for the story skipping ahead of time, establishing many of the narrative themes that are currently unfolding.

Teasing a great conflict ahead


Although the World Government has long been established as the One Piece’s authoritative force in previous arcs, Marineford has displayed the full power of the Marines in a way that has never been seen before. seen up to that point. Their strength in numbers as well as the assets they have in Admirals Kizaru, Akainu, and Aokiji, illustrate the great gap between Luffy and the challenges that await him in the new world. It’s a sobering revelation for fans, as for the first time in the entire series, Luffy finds himself hopelessly remedied with his shortcomings on full display.

The battle at Marineford was so brutal that it allowed Oda to give fans a glimpse of influence that Shanks has on both the pirates and the sea world. His intervention not only signifies the end of the conflict but brings him back to the beginning of the story in a nutshell. The relationship between Shanks and Luffy is one of the most important in the series, and although their long-awaited reunion has yet to come to fruition, Marineford has reminded viewers of the connection. its.

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This part also focuses more on Ace and Luffy’s lineage. Aside from their relationship with Garp, Luffy and Ace’s family situation is never depicted as particularly notable, which makes it clear that Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger and Luffy Monkey D. Dragon is even more surprising. Bringing Roger into the events of the story rather than let him remain a legendary figure made him a much more approachable character, while also adding meaning to a character that is now prepped for a major role in Dragon.

The Revolutionary Army has been teased at various points in the story, with the resistance group being established as a major enemy to the World Government and Heavenly Dragon. Having Dragon related to the main character of the series makes him that much more appealing, and he remains one of the most promising characters of the series even though he has had only a few appearances since Marineford.

How its many revelations have spurred One mouthful Front

One-Piece-Straw Hat-Pirates-Skip Time

For many fans, the deaths of Ace and Whitebeard were the most striking development of the season and remain two of the most poignant moments in the series. Not only will it shock readers, but their death will have a lasting impact on the story going forward, as the latter’s death causes a complete change in the dynamics that have been established up to that point. that point. Ace’s death will spur Luffy to grow stronger, allowing him to develop and grow meaningful character and continue to benefit him as the series has entwined.

Whitebeard’s death established Blackbeard and his Blackbeard Pirates as a major force in the series, with him acquiring Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi to accompany Yami Yami no Mi. capable of making Blackbeard a series ‘ strongest devil fruit user. Blackbeard hasn’t been talked about much since the Marineford incident, and while Kado and Big Mom are incredible obstacles to the Straw Hats and other members of the worst generation, Blackbeard and the crew are. His crew is seen as an even bigger challenge in Luffy’s quest to become the Pirate King.

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Whitebeard’s statement confirming the existence of One Piece set off a still-unending chain of events in the series. Whitebeard predicted a great war was brewing, and by giving legitimacy to Roger’s last words, weakened the absolute authority of the World Government and ensured that changes Big change will happen. The conflicts in Wano and Dressrosa suggest a larger confrontation that will likely have a significant impact on the world at large by the time the legendary treasure is found and claimed.

Marineford established a multitude of narrative themes that are still relevant and ongoing in One Piece’s Big report today. While it’s not the longest installment the series has to offer, it’s certainly the most impactful as it significantly affects the trajectory of the series after the skipping period. When Wano could be even more important At the time of its conclusion, the Marineford arc will remain an essential part of the One mouthful story.

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