How many champions are there in Legends of Runeterra?

The world of Runeterra has grown considerably in the past few years since it was created with League of Legends. Thanks to other games like Total Combat Tactics and Legend of Runterra, Riot Games’ fictional universe is getting bigger and bigger.

However, being in the same universe does not mean that all the same characters are present. This is the case of card games Legend of Runeterra. Although it can coexist with League, Not all League’more than 150 champions are present in the game.

If you are new Legend of Runeterra, You may be wondering what champions are available to play and only how many are in the game. Luckily, you have plenty to choose from and some of your favorites League champions may be available.

How many, how much League champion in Legend of Runeterra?

Image via Riot Games

Currently, there are 80 different champions in Legend of Runeterra, but that number is likely to grow in the coming months as more characters join the roster.

Here’s a look at it all League Champion is now available in Legend of Runeterra at the time of writing.

  1. Ahri
  2. Akshan
  3. Anivia
  4. Aphelios
  5. Ashe
  6. Aurelion Sol
  7. Azir
  8. Braum
  9. Caitlyn
  10. Darius
  11. Diana
  12. Draven
  13. Ekko
  14. Elise
  15. Ezreal
  16. Fiora
  17. Fizz
  18. Gangplank
  19. Garen
  20. Hecarim
  21. Heimerdinger
  22. Irelia
  23. Jarvan IV
  24. Jayce
  25. Jinx
  26. Kalista
  27. Karma
  28. Katarina
  29. Kennen
  30. Kindred
  31. Leblanc
  32. Lee Sin
  33. Leona
  34. Lissandra
  35. Lucian
  36. Lulu
  37. Lux
  38. Malphite
  39. Maokai
  40. Missed luck
  41. Nami
  42. Nasus
  43. Nautilus
  44. Serenade
  45. temple
  46. Poppy
  47. Pyke
  48. Quinn
  49. Rek’Sai
  50. Renekton
  51. Riven
  52. Ram
  53. Sejuani
  54. Senna
  55. Shen
  56. Shyvana
  57. Sion
  58. Sivir
  59. Soraka
  60. Swain
  61. Tahm Kench
  62. Taliyah
  63. Taric
  64. Teemo
  65. Thresh
  66. Tristana
  67. Running sluggishly
  68. Tryndamere
  69. Twisted Fate
  70. Veigar
  71. Because
  72. Viego
  73. Viktor
  74. Vladimir
  75. Xerath
  76. Yasuo
  77. Zed
  78. Ziggs
  79. Zilean
  80. Zoe How many champions are there in Legends of Runeterra?


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