How M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Updates the Graphic Novel Sandcastle

This post contains movie spoilers Old.

Here is the turning point: M. Night Shyamalan did everything his way. Oldhorror storyteller twist, new movie zany, based on the 2013 graphic novel sand castle. Both stories revolve around a group of strangers who find themselves on a cursed beach, rapidly aging everyone who steps on it. But that’s where the similarities end, with Shyamalan having huge freedoms to adjust Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters– opening novel for the big screen. From new characters to an evil lab subplot to a chilling horror tone, here’s a guide to the key differences between graphic novels and movies.

The characters

Both sand castle and Old revolves around a central family. In Old, it’s Guy (Gael Garcia Bernal), Prisca (Vicky Krieps), and their two young children, Maddox and Trent (played by different actors as adults). They are a set of intelligence, the world; Guy is an anxious, dodgy actuary and Prisca is an intellectual working at a museum. Along the way, they are joined to the beach by a rich, historic family and a middle-aged couple. In sand castle, the core family consists of a father, a mother, their young daughter and a dog. Shyamalan mixes these details around with liberality, aging the child characters and supporting characters. (Most surprising is an older sci-fi writer character from sand castle, who added an exciting, exclusive flavor to the graphic novel and would fit into the world of Old.)

The biggest character difference is the invention of the Mid-Sized Sedan (a joke about a ridiculous father’s name). In the movie, the character (do Aaron Pierre) is a famous rapper who was on the beach when his family arrived, nosebleed non-stop and waiting for his day (RIP) to return after she swam out to sea. He doesn’t have much to do in the movie except for saying “Damn it,” and racially abused by Dr. Charles (Rufus Sewell), who ended up snapping and brutally stabbing the rapper to death.

However, that character doesn’t quite appear. sand castle there was an elderly Algerian man who, like Mid-Size, was at the beach when the family arrived. He also suffered from nosebleeds, for reasons not explained in the books. But, like Mid-Sized, he was immediately raped by the doctor, who threw accusations at him and punched him in the face. As the story progresses, the doctor’s daughter grows older and falls in love with the Algerian, then seduces him. In Old, this animation is much more naive; Maddox is a big fan of Mid-Sized’s music, using one of his quotes to feel brave and boost her confidence later in the film.

In sand castle, the Algerians did not suffer the same macabre fate as Mid-Sized. As the story progresses, people begin to accept their impending deaths and become friends. As night fell, the Algerians gathered people around a bonfire and told them a parable about a king who was visited by Death. The king begged for more time and, when Death agreed, began turning his castle into a fortress, instructing the guards never to let anyone in.

As time went on, the king refused the visits of his wife and children, too afraid that Death would somehow get in. But all was not well, because Death appeared to him anyway, magically bringing him into the king’s room. The fable is all about the importance of being alive, and the futility of trying to avoid the inevitable—which is what the characters end up doing in the series. sand castle.


In both the graphic novel and the film, much of the action takes place on a beautiful, isolated beach. sand castle opened with the core family to the beach, ready for a day of rest and relaxation. Old opened at a beautiful resort, with Prisca surprised that she had “found” the place online. It’s sunny and beautiful, with waiters greeting parents with cocktails made to their liking (for nefarious reasons it’ll reopen at the end of the movie). The family only went to the beach because they were encouraged by the resort manager, who told them it was a secret spot that he only shared with a select few guests. (wink, wink!) Then the whole family is taken to the beach by a driver – Shyamalan, in one of his classic cameos – and while there, they accidentally walk into the day worst in their life.

The resort and all it entails (including the manager’s adorable nephew) is mostly an invention of Shyamalan that has nothing to do with sand castle. However, a resort is hinted at in the graphic novel. There was a random moment that the beach-goers saw a figure running towards them in the distance. The character turns out to be the son of a local hotelier, but he is shot down by mysterious snipers before he can reach them. It’s a shocking ending with zero resolution, but seems to be the inspiration Shyamalan used to expand the story.

The Twist Ending

Of course there was a change! In sand castle, the story begins and ends on the beach, exploring what happens when people realize that they are aging at a rapid rate. Compare to Old, the source material is not a horror story, but more of a dark melodrama in which the characters calmly accept their collective fate. It is also engaging and poetic, using highly conceptual narrative to probe humanitarian questions; what is the last thing you Actually What would you like to do if you knew you were going to die? The novel responds with physical and emotional pleasures: drinking, having sex, telling stories, and hugging loved ones tenderly as you gently drift off into that good night’s sleep.

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