How Leaked Merciful Change will change the game

Those who keep up Overwatch 2 News will definitely be heard about some hero changes that will be made in the sequel. With the move to 5v5, Blizzard must completely rework, do it again OverwatchList of Tank Heroes, with the Support class needing to see its healing drop. Major changes to Mei, Winston, Bastion, and Sombra have also been announced to the public.

However, while many jobs have been talked about publicly, others are just rumors. Such a rumor made rounds earlier this week, and it saw Overwatch 2 fans are learning about a potential change to Mercy. If this leaky swap turns out to be correct, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts, as the throttling is a game changer.


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Why Mercy’s angelic blessing is such a big deal

A big part of Mercy’s popularity tied to how strong she is. When Overwatch When first released, the angel healer is a must-play character, as she has the ability to revive an entire team and start a team fight all over again. Obviously, this is too powerful, and Blizzard tweaked her kit so she can respawn a player every 30 seconds. While Mercy is still a relatable character and a great attraction for new players for now, some still miss the days when she was underpowered.

Because the Overwatch player bothered by the removal of Mercy’s respawn that happened a few years ago, they might be shocked to learn that her respawn ability will likely completely disappear in the next few years. Overwatch 2. Supposedly, the hero wielding the scepter would swap her current resurrection ability for a new ability called “Angelic Blessing.” If true, this will be a big change for Mercy players who are used to positioning for a major revival.

Supposedly, Angel Blessing will see Mercy players sending a soul to their teammates, which can be used by the targeted player to fly back to the teammate. This will show that heroes like Genji diving behind enemy lines can quickly move to safety and it can be used to kill Reinhardt after a risky attack. While flight will disappear if left unactivated for six seconds, giving players a tight window to use the souls Mercy gives them, certainly sounds interesting.

While some players consider the suggested ability worse than the respawn ability, it is stronger in a few ways. For starters, there is no mention of casting animation for Mercy. As a result, this ability can be difficult to counterattack, and it’s unclear if the player can shoot flying creatures to safety. Also, to use it correctly requires a lot more coordination, as the player will have to tell Mercy when they are diving so she can throw souls to them at the right time. Although this ability can lead to some smart Overwatch drama, it can also be completely useless in the wrong hands.

Hitherto, Overwatch community seems to be divided on soul mechanism. Some feel as though it will be tamed, while others fear it will be useless and believe that the resurrection should not be discarded. The others are in the middle, waiting Overwatch 2 style play that suggests this leak is working before they even consider it. For now, it’s unclear whether this change will be good or bad, although it’s undeniably a big deal. Mercy would play completely differently without her signature respawn, and Angelic Blessing can either bring her closer to the meta or pull her further. The quality of the new skill will depend entirely on whether it can be counterattacked easily, and it will be interesting to see how it actually works in the game.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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