How Knockout City Mechanics Turned It Into One of the Best Multiplayer Games of the Year

The past two months have been rife with AAA multiplayer releases. Are from Call of Duty come Battlefield come Halo. The current market seems to have been nostalgicly saturated, starting back in the late 2000s and the seventh generation of consoles. But there is one multiplayer game released this year that still stands out from the crowd and is definitely worth the attention of players: Knockout City.

Released in May 2021 as “EA Original”, Knockout City takes the simple dodge game on the field and pushes it into a modern, competitive, third-person arena game. Knockout City, Set in the context of a Sci-Fi metropolis, the style and content are two equal parts. It has some incredibly intuitive yet complex mechanics, a focus on unique co-op gameplay, and some very responsive controls. So even with this year’s release schedule, Knockout City proves its worth in many different ways.


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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Knockout City: Screenshot from Gameplay Trailer Of KO'ing An Enemy Close-up

Dodgeball is a fairly simple game; it basically just focuses on throwing and catching. So naturally, a game of dodgeball can only be as good as its throw and catch mechanics, and Knockout Cityis absolutely perfect. Knockout CityThe focus of development seems to be on creating complex yet accessible systems, one that runs throughout the entire game.

Throwing the ball is extremely intuitive, as players simply tap the trigger on the right and watch it fly. But then there is some complexity behind this simplicity; Holding the trigger will create a hit, increasing the speed of throwing at the opponent. The player can also press one of the face buttons on the controller to change the firing pattern; pressing Circle / B will give the ball a curvy shot, while Triangle/Y steals the ball overhead.

Catching a ball is both satisfying, simple, and unbelievably complicated. With just one action of pulling the right trigger, the player will catch an incoming ball. Although the time may not be so hard as Dark souls‘parry, it’s also not too forgiving, making a successful catch feel rewarding. But with each successive catch, the ball is accelerated, making it harder and harder to catch.

This combination of throw and catch mechanics results in some incredibly satisfying gameplay, with the player being allowed to approach each encounter in a number of ways, with some strategy. For example, a particularly intense and exciting encounter might see players throw the ball at their opponent, it is caught, and the ball is re-thrown in a curvilinear stroke. The player then catches the ball again, which increases the speed when they use “fake“to then move it from above. This momentum and intensity building continues until one player finally hits the mark and that final release of tension feels incredibly satisfying. These moments happen every few minutes or so with Knockout Cityand that level of satisfaction never diminishes.

Emphasis on Co-Op

Playstation city knockout plus November 2021

On the surface, Knockout City it seems any other team based competitive game. However, when we dig a little deeper, we will soon realize that this game is something truly special. The main mode, “Team KO”, pits two teams of three against each other. From the second the match starts, the teams are encouraged to use the environment, use the tools, but most importantly use each other to ensure a win.

Knockout City there is a genius mechanic in which a player can turn himself into a ball. At first, what seems like a joke, but actually has the power to deceive. In a standard game, being hit with a ball will lose one of a player’s two points on target, but being hit by a player’s ball will cause an immediate knockout. Similarly, charging a regular ball will make that hit faster and harder to dodge, but charging a player ball will launch the player into the sky, giving the player the ability to act like a neon mortar .

Using Knockout Cityspecifically tuned co-op mechanics and communicate with teammates, players can turn the tide of the match very quickly. While some modern team-based multiplayer games will give players points for sticking with their team, cooperative tactics are rarely emphasized in the actual mechanics of a game and Knockout CityTheir inclusion certainly sets it apart from recent releases.

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Amazing level of diversity

dodgeball city knockout

Knockout City However, don’t be content with just being a game rich in mechanics and creating a lot of variety out of very few elements. The ball type of the game is one that offers variety. The game has a total of six types of “Special” balls, from Bomb Balls that stick to surfaces and explode after the timer runs out, Sniper Balls that act as unstoppable ranged projectiles when charged, and Moon Balls that help players jump higher and bring significant backlash when thrown. While there are only six unique types currently, the variety of gameplay offered with each of these (how you handle an encounter with each) makes matches enjoyable, even if they are not. takes place on the same map that the player has viewed thousands of times.

With Knockout City adopt a direct service model, new game modes are swapped and added over time. These constantly updated game modes can provide a nice variety of gameplay options for players who may be starting to find the base game mode a bit dated. In the latest content, there have been player views using the opponent’s KOed as a basketball, battle royale survival modeand the current mode forces the player to “Last Throw” when KO is KO. Final, Knockout City offers a lot of appeal, a surprising amount of variety, and a handful of unique and satisfying mechanics that make it one of the most rewarding multiplayer games of the year.

Knockout City Now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / WILL

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Knockout City Review

Knockout City’s unique premise sets it apart from other team-based action games, but it suffers from a small identity crisis.

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