How is the sage class in Final Fantasy 14 likely to affect Meta

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is the next upcoming expansion to Square Enix’s critically acclaimed MMO and will be the final chapter of the Zodiark and Hydaelyn saga. It also gives players two new jobs (classes) for players to enjoy: Reaper and Sage.

Jobs in Final Fantasy 14 different from other games of the same genre, such as World of Warcraft’s class or Guild Wars 2’s occupations, because players can swap between different jobs they have unlocked on the same character. This means players can easily switch roles and playstyles to their team’s liking or needs – as long as they’re not in the middle of content. With the appearance of Endwalker and Sage, a new healing job in Final Fantasy 14, which risks shaking up the meta in an interesting way for at least the first few months.


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What the sage brings to Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

Current medical practices Final Fantasy 14 must provide is White Mage, a staple of Final Fantasy Franchising; scholar; and Astrologian, added in the first expansion Heavensward. To understand how Sage will fit into this healing mat, it’s important to first look at the state of Final Fantasy 14’s healing work.

Those who choose the White Mage often do so for one of two reasons: to play in a more traditional style based on raw healing, or to deal the massive damage the White Mage can deal with when the life of the whole team is alive. group is not threatened. On the opposite side is Scholar, whose healing is based on preventing damage rather than healing. Scholars also come with a fairy who passively heals herself.

Astrologers in Shadowbringers of Final Fantasy 14 expansion used to exist in between these two healing philosophies, while providing a unique flair of their own. However, with Endwalker Along the way, they suffered the most changes for the sake of re-establishing parity. Square Enix chose to move them towards a simpler healing direction.

The Sage, with mechanical Nouliths and abilities with Greek-inspired names (suitable for Sharlayan Country). The most unique feature of Sage is that it has a “partner” mechanic who is no different from the Dancers. Kardia is a skill that grants a Sage or one of their party members, converting damage dealt by a Sage into healing for the affected target.

What does this mean for Final Fantasy 14’s group content?

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No doubt the novelty of the work will spark a lot of excitement in the fanbase, and many will want to give Sage a try considering the relative ease with which characters can unlock jobs. new job. Therefore, many people worry that content group in Final Fantasy 14 will be filled with Green Sages still learning the intricacies of their work, as well as the full potential of the toolkit available to them.

In the tumultuous time that follows Endwalker’s launch, the healing meta will likely lean heavily towards Sage before settling to the new normal. It’s hard to predict the new normal so soon, but Square Enix’s plan to further emphasize the difference between the Barrier Healer and the Pure Healer, which offers two unique flavors of each, is sound.

One important thing to keep in mind with the possible long-term effects on the job’s popularity is the number of Scholars that will choose to switch to Sage, based on the relative similarities between the two jobs. At last, Sage is a fun addition to Final Fantasy 14 which players hope to grasp and master in the coming months.

Final Fantasy 14 Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5. Endwalker Released on December 7th.

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