How is Persona 5’s bond system different from P5’s trust system

Persona 5 strikers could serve as a sequel to Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, but it has a lot of differences. The most obvious is the combat, which mimics the hack-and-slash style of Dynasty War, Defeat Phantom Thieves against a massive array of enemies at once in real-time action. Persona 5 strikers thrive in this niche, finding new creative uses for Personas and Ghost Thief’s signature weapons. Of course, it is not the only difference between Striker and its predecessors; instead of reusing the Confidant system, Persona 5 strikers expression of sim social elements through the Bond system.


Both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal is the game longer Persona 5 Striker, thanks in part to the Confidant system in which players build relationships with supporting characters over long periods of time. Persona 5 Striker, in contrast, takes place over a month, which means it leaves no room for a full-scale Confidant system. Instead, P-Studio and Omega Force created a Bond system in which players earn points spend time with Phantom Thieves. The two systems have a lot of key differences, but the skeleton of the Confidant system still shines in Persona 5 strikers‘Bond system.

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Persona 5 Confidants Overview


In Persona 5, Confidentiality is one of the most important ways players want to spend their time. Scattered throughout Tokyo are a number of NPCs that players can meet and build relationships with. The principle behind the Confidant mechanism is simple: if Joker hangs out with Persona 5 character In his spare afternoons and evenings, he will get to know them better and gain strength. Persona 5 players will rank Confidant faster by saying the right thing in chat, giving Confidant gifts, etc.

As players rank up each Confidant, they earn a number of abilities. Each member of Phantom Thieves is available as a Confidant, and many of them gain abilities that make them more useful in combat. Other confidants, like scam doctor Tae Takemi and yakuza’s former weapons dealer Munehisa Iwai, offering players a variety of rewards ranging from item discounts to bonus battle loot. Not all Persona 5 Confidants are all equally powerful, but they all have distinct niches that set them apart.

The Confidant system is very important to Persona 5This social outcast’s storytelling reminds players of what the Phantom Thief is fighting for. It’s not entirely new, because it the evolution of Social Links is simpler are from Persona 3 and Persona 4, but it’s an invaluable way to get players interested in the world they’re in. Persona 5 strikers unrealistic, as the game’s plot is so tightly centered on Phantom Thieves and has no place in the setting or timeframe for Confidants. Therefore, the Bond system is simpler than Confidants, but it is still a good representation of PersonaTopics of.

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Persona 5 Strikers’ Bonds and Skills

Persona 5 Strikers . Bond

In Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, The player earns points for reaching the next rank of a Personal Confidant, but at Persona 5 Striker, instead create quality time with friends a resource called Bond Points. These points represent the overall strength of the Joker’s relationships with his friends, not any relationship in particular. Players earn Bond Points by achieving certain rhythms of the story, defeating their enemies in battle, socializing with Joker’s friends, or by completing certain side quests.

The player can then spend Bond Points on Bond Skills, a list of 30 unlockable abilities that replace the perks provided by Confidants. Bond skills are as varied as Confidant perks, offering everything from raw stat bonuses to increased healing from items or even earning Bond Points faster. Not every Bond Skill can be unlocked at the start of the game; instead, some skills are locked until the player reaches certain parts of the Persona 5 strikers‘ story, like when the player defeats Monarch of a Jail. Thanks to the relationship between Bond Points and Bond Skills, players are technically almost always working with Confessors.

The Bond system certainly doesn’t look like a Confidant. Each person confided in Persona 5 there’s a unique story to tell as the Joker gets to know them better, but there’s no inherent story attached to Bond Points. The skills and points themselves did a great job of making the Confidants engine work Persona 5 Striker, although. If Joker doesn’t have a large group of friends to draw power from because he’s on the road, it makes sense to focus on building a relationship with the Ghost Thief he’s traveling with.

Persona has many views on friendship

The Persona 5 cast looks up at the red sky.

While the Bonds are distributed Persona 5 strikers well, it seems unlikely that this version of PersonaThe social elements of the sim will be back anytime soon. It is specially adapted to the limitations of Persona 5 strikers‘design and story, which means it may not be elegant if applied to a Persona spin-off. After all, if there was a practical way to have miniature Confidants in Striker, the developers could have chosen that instead. The bond skill is an innovation that springs from Persona 5 strikers‘limitations, and while the social sim power-friendly customizability could inspire future mechanics, the Bond system probably won’t be the focus of Persona 6.

However, confident people will almost certainly go far. Social links previously served Persona good game, but the Confidant system received praise for making each of the protagonist’s potential friends more important and mechanically different. Persona 6 there will almost certainly be Its own take on Confidant, a mix of the types of abilities they offer, and maybe even how players make friends with them. The Bond System will remain a sign of Persona 5 Striker, but that means it will always be one more thing to make Striker unique.

Persona 5 strikers Currently available for PC, PS4, and Switch.

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