How is a CCBA Certification Beneficial for Career Advancement?

When you listen to the term ‘business analysis,’ you may instantly picture huge datasets in spreadsheets, intense statistics, charts, and pivot tables related to business functions. Further, you may be of the opinion that business analysis would require high-level logical reasoning and crazy mathematical ability. Well, it is all a myth and the subject particularly focuses on identifying business needs and designing the most suitable solutions for them. In other words, you measure, collect, analyze, synthesize, and ultimately draw results in various activities as part of the business analysis process. 

Organizations give high importance to business analysis as they are competing against their peers and trying day and night to stay ahead. Technology has led to changes in every business vertical and companies need to be aware of the latest developments and market scenarios. This is why they hire business analysts who can understand their requirements and offer appropriate solutions. Such professionals identify the problems of the customers, look for probable solutions, and develop ideas in the form of requirements that can be used by a company to create a product in the future. 

But how do companies hire the right candidate for their business analyst open positions? Well, they look for the right blend of skills and experience to shortlist individuals during an interview. One of the credentials that help the hiring managers filter out the best candidate is the CCBA certification or Certification of Capability in Business Analysis. Administered by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), the CCBA certification showcases one’s ability to take on more complex or larger project responsibilities. 

Let us know more about this interesting credential and how it is beneficial for your career growth. 

Introduction to CCBA Certification Training | What is CCBA

The CCBA Certification

The CCBA certification demonstrates your skills and knowledge to model business processes, work with stakeholders effectively, and find out and assess opportunities for better business outcomes. It is designed for professionals working as product managers, trainers, non-BA consultants, quality assurance professionals, transformation managers, and other hybrid business analysis professionals. 

There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill before thinking of achieving this certification. If you fulfill all of them, you need to appear for the CCBA certification exam. You will face 130 multiple-choice questions that are scenario-based and have been formulated from the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) Guide. The time allowed is 3 hours. The exam is based on the following knowledge areas:

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Elicitation and Collaboration 
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • Strategy Analysis 
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  • Solution Evaluation 

Benefits of CCBA Certification 

The CCBA certification certainly helps advance your career. Here are some of the benefits you can reap after getting certified. 

Improved earning potential 

According to IIBA’s 2020 Global BA Salary Survey, business analysts who earn at least one of IIBA certifications earn 13% higher than their non-certified peers. Those who hold a CCBA certification earn around 8% higher salaries than non-certified business analysts. These insights imply that the CCBA certification leads to better salaries and more recognition. 

Higher ratings of career satisfaction

The same IIBA survey also found that 86% of the certified business analysts reported higher ratings of career satisfaction through fulfillment and greater confidence. 13% of the respondents got a promotion after getting certified, 17% said the certification helped improve their performance review ratings, and 23% of them found the certification helpful in finding a new job. Evidently, IIBA certifications are beneficial for a number of reasons.

Improved Business Analysis skills 

When you start preparing for the CCBA exam, you go through the BABOK guide and become familiar with the processes, techniques, and other elements outlined in it. There is in-depth dealing with business analysis concepts and solutions, and by going through it, you will extend your knowledge across businesses and industries with a practical approach. In other words, you will become more understandable and valuable when presenting ideas or leading projects.

Better job opportunities 

With a CCBA certification, you can open your doors to a number of job opportunities. Business analysts are required in many industrial sectors like Information Technology, healthcare, finance and banking, government organizations, and consulting firms, among others. So, whether you want to switch to a new domain or seek more ambitious roles, a CCBA certification makes you more employable. 

Speak the global language of business analysis 

Companies across the world are trying to hire individuals who own credentials that validate specific industry standards. Clients facing business analyst job roles are motivated with certifications like CCBA as it demonstrates a company’s commitment to supporting the global standards of process and delivery. As a certification holder, you will be able to use the vocabulary and terms that business analysts across the world understand. 

Get Certified Today!

The above points are enough to encourage you to achieve the CCBA certification. If you want to succeed in your business analysis career, then check out the eligibility requirements for CCBA today and start preparing for the exam. There are a couple of online CCBA courses to help you pass the exam in a single try. 

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