How Guardians of the Galaxy Treat Star-Lord’s Parents

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy does some unique things with its cast of characters, although it also draws heavily from the comics. The Power of the Destroyer Drax and his defeat of Thanos are highlighted, more of Groot’s planet is revealed and Gamora crafting some of the exact same armor in the comics. However, Star-Lord’s comic roots are even more closely reflected.

NS MCU serves as an important departure from Star-Lord’s original storyline, and given how well Ego works, it’s hard to object to changing for good. Still, it’s nice to see the comic version of events represented, with Star-Lord of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy of royal origin as opposed to Celestial.


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How is J’son different from me


Even if there are some key differences between the big screen version of Star-Lord and his in-game counterpart, have a few similarities. First, his mother tragically died when he was a boy, and then Quill was sent into space against his will. His father also holds positions of power in both adaptations, with Quill inheriting special abilities in both versions due to his origins.

From there, however, the two versions diverged. Not just The Power of Star-Lord attached to his weapon as opposed to a natural ability, but he is captured by the Chitauri as opposed to Yondu in the game, with the aliens keeping him prisoner due to his position as a Prince of Spartax. In the comics and games, Quill’s father is J’Son, a king of the planet Spartax and an evil ruler. While Quill was used as a bargaining chip to convince J’Son to surrender, he never did, leaving his son to rot in prison as Spartax closed himself off from the rest of the world. Obviously, the living planet Ego is a big difference from this story, just as Meredith Quill died from an alien shot, not from cancer.

It was in this prison that Quill met Yondu, who was captured when the Ravagers tried to attack a Resistance ship – a group that included Ko-Rel and would eventually help. Gamora away from Thanos and towards the good. In prison, Quill and Yondu plotted a plan to escape. They eventually succeeded, with Quill accepting Yondu’s offer to join the Ravagers after the breakout.

However, based on the lore provided, it seems that the pair are a lot less close than they are in the movies. This is because Quill finally moved Yondu in Nova Corps, with the character and his companions in prison at the time of the game’s story. In the film, even when the Ravagers are at odds with Star-Lord, it’s clear that there’s a deep bond between him and Yondu – with the sequel making it clear that the arrow-wielding outlaw is the father figure for him. leader of the Guardians.

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the player never sees Quill encounter J’Son, and Star-Lord never meets his biological father before the game. Yondu seems more like a reluctant ally and a business partner than anything else, since he didn’t kidnap Quill as a child and raise him like his own. With Star-Lord also having lost his mother, he no longer has a parental figure in his life – explained emotional attachment to Nikki. While Meredith Quill still falls in love with an important figure from outer space, J’Son’s powers come from royalty and Spartax weapons rather than Celestial status – which makes Star-Lord’s origins slightly different. compared to what the audience can expect.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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Review of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has an emotional and fun story, and the role-playing and combat decisions are enjoyable if a bit tense.

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