How Faye Valentine changed from Anime to Live-Action

1998 Cowboy Bebop Anime is often loved by anime fans for its cool and stylish animation, incredible music, and unique storyline. However, there are several elements of the anime that simply demand more from the live-action version, including the character Faye Valentine.

In the anime, although Faye has a bold personality, her appearance makes it clear that her presence is simply for the sake of sex appeal. Her name alone suggests that her original aim was to have sexual and romantic appeal, inspired by a love song. Even in Cowboy Bebop anime, though she looks about 23, Faye is 77 years old. This alone creates plot holes around her character’s outfit as no 77-year-old woman should ever go through the painful agony of wearing it.


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There were a few things in the anime that needed to be changed for live-action, but the writers were very careful about the changes they made. Andre Nemec, the showrunner, has made it clear that the intention of this show is to match the anime but also to explore the characters on a deeper level and better check their background. It is also a goal of the show to represent all female characters in a better, more honest light. In anime, female characters (especially Faye and Julia) are often made up as sexual props to attract male audiences.

Cowboy Bebop_Anime_Faye

Over the past few decades, it has become increasingly clear that there are many female fans among anime audiences. It just makes sense that as genres and remakes of existing stories evolve over time, so do the characters. Not many female viewers reflect positively on how women are gendered in a way that doesn’t contribute to the story, so This detailed adjustment is definitely a wise move in terms of viewership.

These revisions not only contribute to a larger audience, but also help refresh the story. There’s not much special about a live-action that tells the exact same story, exactly like the anime. It’s important to add depth to the story and explore it like never before so that old fans can take in something new from the show.

In particular, Faye Valentine is show up in a new light That accentuates her personality even more. Faye was cast in Daniella Pineda’s Netflix live-action series, which added variety to the show. Furthermore, Faye is allowed to appear in the live-action more than the other characters.

Faye also explores her sexuality in this version, which is not the case in the anime. She connects with the female mechanic and there are obvious sparks between them that make Faye think about who she really is. This detail gives her even more depth as it adds another complicated piece for her character’s puzzle. This complexity certainly makes Faye feel more like an important character than an accessory to the team.

Cowboy Bebop_Faye and Mel

However, easily the biggest change the live-action made to Faye’s character is her wardrobe. Moving an action figure inward is less revealing and significantly more realistic. This was a change that attracted some negative attention, despite the fact that almost everyone involved in making the film supported the change.

It should be noted that the majority fans reacted negatively to the changes Faye’s clothing is male. The pattern of female fans who favor the way Faye is portrayed in live-action, versus male fans who don’t like it, seems to be speaking for itself. In the anime, Faye was written for a male audience, but in the live-action, Faye was written for a female audience.

For a long time, female characters were written as another means of engaging the majority male audience. As the era advances and women wear more and more makeup, if not more audiences, it just makes more sense. content that caters to their interests will come as a response.

The way Faye is portrayed in the anime doesn’t always reflect her strength; it is simply used to attract male audience. In the live-action, if she’s wearing something revealing, it’s really related to what’s happening in the story. For example, when she wears a red dress with a low neckline and a cut across one leg, she is attending a formal event at the Opera House (although it has been reorganized) and thus eating. Dress appropriately, but still possible move when the action starts.

There are also elements of her story that have been tweaked in the live-action, also with the aim of further highlighting her personality, like her romance with the con man who troubles her. The live-action series didn’t see the romance aspect as an important element of her plot and so they cut it and replaced it with a mother-daughter dynamic.

There has been a significant amount of sexism in some animes, especially the older ones, which reflect women in style. it’s overt sex, romantic, or overly sensitive and naive. In other words, women are often not reflected in good light in many popular animes and this is definitely something that needs to change over the decades. NS Cowboy Bebop the team was just one of the first to make this adjustment to this view of the women in the story, but it certainly won’t be the last to make it.

Faye from Cowboy Bebop Live-Action

Many female viewers, writers, actors, etc. have expressed their displeasure when creating or viewing content depicting women in purely sexual terms or in roles Only male characters are available. Even Pineda herself expressed her views on how Faye is presented in the anime compared to how she portrays the character.

The way Faye is portrayed in the anime doesn’t quite match her personality. She’s tough, weathered, and resilient, so she needs a look that reflects which Netflix live-action version seems to do a better job of attracting, while still giving a nod to the color scheme. for her anime costume. Therefore, the changes to Faye’s wardrobe in the live-action, not only more respectful of the character part of the story, but also help Pineda do so. lots of stunts In the program. The anime outfit would never allow this to happen.

Also, it is very important in screenwriting to not include details in a story that do not directly contribute to what is happening in the story, what will happen in the story or the message. base of the story. Nemec was careful not to write female characters as an accessory to their male counterparts, but rather their own plots intermingled with those of the male characters.

Viewers disappointed with the changes made to Faye’s outfit are does not consider how adaptation works. With any adaptation of a pre-existing story–especially a popular one like Cowboy Bebop– the writer must consider what will make the work successful in revisiting the story. This includes considering the tastes and perspectives of modern audiences, bringing new elements to the story and adding more depth to the characters.

Without these changes and considerations to Netflix’s version, it wouldn’t be worth watching a live-action adaptation other than seeing real people wearing costumes and acting out the story. The changes do not detract from the plot– they added, that’s exactly what success looks like in a movie adaptation. Cowboy Bebop has made great strides in revisiting a popular story through a new lens, and we can expect that any upcoming season will achieve this level of ingenuity.

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