How Fallout 3’s Brotherhood of Steel anticipates FO4’s Vertibirds

Fallout 3 by Bethesda Game Studios received widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike and maintains its popularity today through older PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC platforms. Introducing a first-person perspective gameplay for Fallout 3 changed many of the combat mechanics that previously existed in the series. The introduction of VATS became popular as it used aspects of turn-based and real-time combat elements.

Although it’s not a direct sequel failure 2, its post-apocalyptic story follows the timeline of historical events established in the previous entries and also includes factions appearing in these games. As is well known, a Brotherhood of Steel faction chapter is present throughout the game, albeit primarily as a villain chapter that has abandoned its primary policy of finding technology in favor of learning more about and hunting super mutants. Nonetheless, the Brotherhood’s presence in Fallout 3 foreshadows the technological vertibirds failure 4.


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Vertibirds in Fallout

Built by the US military circa 2072, Vertibirds are vertical takeoff and landing aircraft used for traverse or as attack helicopters. While prototypes were still being developed and tested early in the Great War, these Vertibirds were not completed by the Enclave until much later. The second generation Vertibirds had two versions: transport models with glass roofs and lots of cargo space, and attack helicopters, which were heavily armored and carried powerful weapons.

While the Enclave used to use them Stand out West Coast entries for transporting materials from the mainland to the Enclave oil rig, they also appeared in Fallout 3 on the East Coast as the Enclave attempted to secure Project Purity. These Vertibirds were equipped with Gatling lasers, miniguns, rocket launchers, and miniature nuclear weapon racks. When Project Purity was recaptured by the Enclave, a Vertibird, Pride One, was obtained and modified by the Brotherhood of Steel on the east coast.

The Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout

The Brotherhood of Steel, appearing in every title in the series, is a technological and religious military order in the post-apocalyptic United States after the Great War that destroyed almost all life. Founded by Army Captain Roger Maxson, a renegade US military officer, the Brotherhood of Steel aims to locate and preserve advanced technology throughout the United States and to further regulate its use while benefiting from its capabilities.

Although there are many local chapters in the US, their power has varied depending on the region and its leaders, who have followed the group’s core values ​​or abandoned it for other goals. Their headquarters are in the Lost Hills bunker in California, although many installations were spread across the California desert, out of sight of ordinary people still alive. It is within Lost Hill that most of their research and military technology took place, although the High Elders sent out groups to scour the East Coast territory.

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The Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3

Led by Owyn Lyons, whom the Elders had directed to bring the Brotherhood to the East Coast to salvage advanced technology, the Brotherhood initially settled in what was left of the Pentagon. Though the surface was nearly destroyed, its sublevels remained largely intact and filled with the technology the Brotherhood sought. This brought Elder’s promotion to Lyon, who was ordered to establish a permanent base in the region.

However, with the advent of a form of super mutants, their origins and ties to those of the west coast began to consume Lyons, which devoted increasing resources to hunting and learning about these creatures. Eventually, the elders of the fraternity in California grew weary of expending resources that they discovered were contrary to the mission objective. When Lyon outwardly refused a direct order, communications were cut off and the East Coast chapter was considered rogue.

Arthur Maxson in Fallout 3

Born in 2267, Arthur is a descendant of Brotherhood of Steel founder Roger Maxson, who was sent by his mother to study under Owyn Lyons to quell his shy nature and prepare to one day lead the Brotherhood. Arthur was an extremely knowledgeable student at the Citadel, memorizing all aspects of the Brotherhood, the Code, and killing with the help of Sarah Lyons. While the mantle of greatness was placed on his shoulders as a descendant of Roger Maxson, Arthur Maxson often doubted talks about his destiny and his steel-forged soul.

in the Fallout 3Players will encounter Arthur in the Citadel, who will eagerly explain the Enclave’s advanced technology, particularly around their Vertibirds. Later in life, after Lyons died and the renegade Brotherhood of Steel suffered from persistently ineffective leadership, Arthur assumed the role of leader and accomplished many feats throughout the Capitol Wasteland. He successfully integrated the villains chapter into the central fold and worked with the elders in California.

Vertibirds in Fallout 4

in the failure 4, only one model of Vertibird is seen during the game. These are pre-war US aircraft used by Arthur Maxson’s Brotherhood of Steel. Bulkier than previous models, these transport vertibirds feature transparent cockpits, miniguns, machine guns, and docking hooks for docking with the Prydwen. It’s evident that Arthur’s upbringing at the Citadel, coupled with his experiences in the East Coast Brotherhood, laid the groundwork for the Vertibirds who star in the fourth installment of the franchise.

Fallout 3 is an extremely popular game that has improved upon the lore and factions established in previous entries in the Stand out Franchise. Known for seeking out advanced technology, the Brotherhood of Steel worked to found chapters in the post-apocalyptic United States. While the Brotherhood is inside Fallout 3 defected at one point while redirecting its core mission goals, it took Brotherhood founder Roger Maxson’s descendant, Arthur Maxson, to unite the groups. Additionally, Arthur’s study of advanced Enclave technology led to the Brotherhood securing their Vertibirds by the time of failure 4.

Fallout 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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