How each character in Red Dead Redemption 2 reacts to Arthur Morgan’s death

Arthur Morgan’s death in Red Dead Redemption 2 hurts not only the player, but every character he meets in the game.

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Even though it’s been more than three years since Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, there are some moments that still impress fans. Perhaps nothing is more emotional than the death of Arthur Morgan; no matter the honor, no matter the choice, it was a heartbreaking moment for fans of Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s not just heartbreaking for those playing Arthur Morgan, though. As a result, NPCs known to Arthur Morgan are also affected, and when the game switches to John Marston, he can find some of these NPCs still in the game. Red Dead 2the world of. They would talk about Arthur, and it really twisted the blade.


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Red Dead 2: How people reacted to Arthur Morgan’s death

Red Dead Redeemed 2 Arthur Morgan

Of course, some left the area after the gang was destroyed, some died and some didn’t want to talk about Arthur. The reactions are as complex as Arthur Morgan’s character. As John, the player can talk to the following characters Arthur Morgan’s Death.

  • Tilly Jackson will express how much she misses John and Abigail and still thinks about “all” [them.]”She doesn’t mention Arthur, seems rushed as a married and pregnant woman, but it certainly seems like there’s a lot left unanswered.
  • Rain falls will meet John and ask if they’ve met, eventually asking about Arthur. Rains Fall is heartbroken but not surprised by Arthur’s sacrifice, while John and Rains Fall share a moment of remembrance for those they’ve lost and think of their son. After that, John’s face is especially blurred, knowing the good Arthur has worked so hard to accomplish and how many lives have been lost in their way of life.
  • margin will greet John by name, not pseudonym, loud and boisterous. However, while he asks if John will stay out of trouble and celebrate his shop, Arthur’s name is not mentioned.
  • Mary-Beth, upon meeting John, it will be revealed that she is currently writing romances under the name Leslie DuPont. She thinks about the gang, as many others have expressed, and John will mention how Arthur saved his life. He painfully confessed that he didn’t talk about Arthur very often, but he was always thinking about him. In equal grief and sadness, Mary-Beth would answer, “me too.”
  • Mickey – A strange man, one hand might meet, Mickey won’t remember Arthur and instead calls him Alan. He would say he had a funny face, and John would say he was pretty sure he was dead. Mickey would say, like many others, Arthur doesn’t like him and he’s fine. He will say good people always die in memory of Arthur, when he and John discuss Arthur’s character Besides. Specifically, they discuss how he’s not always good but not in a way that disrespects his memory – just a manifestation of Arthur’s personal conflicts.
  • Hamish Sinclair – As Arthur, the player can go hunting with this one-legged American veteran, who, upon learning of Arthur’s death, will express condolences. When John reveals that Arthur saved his life, Hamish will say “he didn’t always seem like that.” This reflects, once again, Arthur’s personal conflicts, beliefs and maturity – a reflection of a good man living the life of the outlaw.
  • Charlotte – As Arthur, the player can teach the “widow of Willard’s Rest” how to hunt and skin, so she can survive. When visiting as John, she will say that he found her at her lowest point and lifted her up and that she wouldn’t be here without him. She knows about Arthur’s Tuberculosis and felt like he couldn’t stand it, a painful moment. She would say that “any friend of Arthur is a friend of mine” and invite John to take whatever he needs. If nothing else, Charlotte represents what Arthur did for everyone he could: find them, help them, lift them up.

Everyone experiences grief differently, something that is reflected in the Red Dead 2 NPC. These reactions also offer more insight into John’s pain after Arthur’s death, and either way, it’s clear that everyone Arthur meets loses a bit of something when he’s lost. pass.

Red Dead Redemption 2 available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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