How Donald Trump can help Stacey Abrams win Georgia

BILLIONhim last time Donald Trump has screwed everything up for the Republican Party in Georgia—But over a year ago — it lose control of his party to the US Senate and country trillions of dollars (hitherto). Guess who’s coming back to give more “help” to the Georgia Republican Party?

In case you missed it, Trump (who also managed to lose Georgia’s electoral votes in the presidential election to a Democrat) for the first time since 1992) is backing former US Senator David Perdue in his primary bid against the Republican governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, who angered Trump by don’t help him overturn the 2020 election results. Trump wants to be even, but a lot of Republicans just want to get ahead.

Eric Tanenblatt, who served as chief of staff to former Governor Sonny Perdue, said: “I would hate to see two good men go against each other. told CNN’s Mike Warren in November. “When I watched the Republican Party become the dominant party in Georgia, I was baffled [that] we will see an incumbent Republican governor being challenged by another Republican. “

“My hope is [Perdue] won’t run,” Georgia Representative Buddy Carter, a Trump supporter, told Warren at the time. “My hope is that we will only have one candidate that we can unify behind.”

Guess what? Party unity is not on Trump’s list of priorities. And stopping Stacey Abrams from becoming governor is, at best, a far cry the third day (right after taking revenge on his enemies and paving the way for his own 2024 election).

Trump is continuing where he left off in Georgia, doing and saying the same things that make Republicans not one, but two, the US Senate seat is absolutely crucial in January.

As you may recall, Trump’s talk about his election was rigged convince some Republicans to just stay home The state elections in January 2021 will determine which party controls the US Senate.

Trump later admitted this to David Drucker, told him, “They didn’t want to vote, because they knew we had a hard time in the presidential election.” Trump also told Drucker that during his protests in the state, he failed to emphasize to voters that Georgia’s voting system was reliable because he was “angry with what happened there. “

Cut back through December and Trump is actively laying the groundwork for a similar outcome. Following Perdue’s announcement, Trump released a statement saying, “I can’t imagine that Brian Kemp, who has so jeopardized election integrity in Georgia, would do such a good job of voting (unless the election was rigged, of course) .”

Unless it’s rigged?

As a conservative blogger Allahpundit has put it, “Perhaps the most disruptive and damaging thing Trump can do to undermine that [post-primary Republican] the reunion would promote the idea that if Kemp won then he must have cheated to do so. That would authorize Kemp’s victory in the eyes of some Trumpers and convince others that Georgia’s election was too dirty to warrant their participation. They will protest by staying at home during the general election. Result: Abrams wins”.

These are not some of the one-sided, one-sided remarks Trump has made. Just last week, Trump said that “the MAGA establishment will not vote for [Kemp] after what he did regarding Election Integrity and two terrible elections, for President and then two Senate seats.”

Back in September, Trump told the Georgians that Abrams “could be better“More than Kemp as governor.

Under normal conditions, an incumbent Republican governor like Kemp would go for another nomination, thereby avoiding acrimonious conflict and division ahead of a general election rematch with Abrams (who, somewhat like Trump , refuses to acknowledge the validity of her near defeat in 2018.)

In this case, Abrams’ candidacy would likely end in same weird league as Beto O’Rourke’s. In other words, she’ll drain the nation’s coffers and attract attention if she doesn’t win a race against a fairly popular incumbent in a state that’s still pro-Republican.

But Trump in the mix changes that dynamic dramatically. Remember, if Abrams wins the governorship in Georgia, she immediately became a leading candidate for the presidency.

The Republican infighting was the best way to help lead to that, and this power struggle has shaped as a heavyweight battle, bringing two Republicans elected across the country. states against each other. Neither side seems likely to back down, and both appear to be well-financed (Kemp beat out Perdue, running an ad last month to showcase his work”prevent the radical left wing from displeasing the police“). And Perdue and Kemp (through his spokesman) are already traded blow. One thing seems certain. Whoever wins this brawl will have to bleed by the time they take on Abrams.

If you’re a Republican who cares about the issues (not Trump’s wounded ego), the real shame is that it’s all pointless. Truth be told, Perdue’s rationale for Kemp’s primary seems to be well established. “I’m running for governor to make sure Stacey Abrams is never governor of Georgia,” Perdue announced when he launched his campaign could elect Stacey Abrams against the guy who just defeated Stacey Abrams. To defeat her, “we simply have to unite,” Perdue continued, while announcing a guaranteed bid to ensure that Georgia Republicans do not, in fact, unite.

Kemp “lost us two Senate seats,” claimed the man had literally lost his Senate seat to a Democrat in Georgia, with some help from Trump, who also tried to lose Georgia.

Any way you look at it, this race is turning into a hot mess. And I’m just scratching the surface.

Remember that MAGA fan Vernon Jones, an African-American and former Democrat, is also running for governor as a Republican, and he called Kemp and Perdue “two peas in one! ”

And remember this happened at the same time as the former NFL star and problem politician Herschel Walker is Top Republican Party in Georgia’s campaign to regain the US Senate seat that Republican Kelly Loeffler lost earlier this year.

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough amid anecdotes, Trump (in what many fear is the effort purge and replace anyone who thwarts his attempt to overturn the 2020 election) is also advocating a major challenge to Georgia’s incumbent Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger – the man whose only sin is in denial.find 11,780 votes“For Trump.

this is a so many, so much for a state to process. It looks like Trump wants denuclearization by 2024 and he’s testing it right now. I guess that makes Georgia Los Alamos.

If Trump blows up the state’s Republican Party in the process, it will all be worth it – at least for him.

Don’t worry, Donald. They will still love you tomorrow — no matter what. How Donald Trump can help Stacey Abrams win Georgia


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