How does Horizon Forbidden West’s skill work with its equipment

With all the information that Guerrilla Games reveals, Forbidden Horizon in the West looks different than the first game. Aloy has a grappling hook now; Pullcaster will allow Aloy to rise to new heights, escape enemy control, and even manipulate her terrain. There are also a lot of new weapons for Aloy to use Forbidden Horizon in the West, like the Spike Thrower, as well as special attacks like the Resonator Blast. All of these items will come in handy as Aloy encounters numerous new enemies, both human and machine, as she explores the Western Forbidden City.

Of course, Aloy doesn’t just get new weapons. Guerrilla also introduced new armor in Forbidden Horizon to the West, but they are not just tweaked versions of Zero Dawnarmor’s. In Forbidden Horizon to the West, the clothes that Aloy wears will seem to modify her skill set and potentially even grant her brand new skills. In other words, switch between outfits in Forbidden Horizon in the West will mean much more to Aloy’s gameplay than No dawn. While Guerrilla hasn’t been very specific about how skin skills and the new Skill Tree look like, there’s a lot of potential in the upcoming changes.


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How is Forbidden West’s skin different from Zero Dawn

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In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy’s outfit choices are simple. Collectively, they serve a single purpose, which is to grant Aloy resistance to one of the six types of damage she faces: melee damage, ranged damage, fire, ice, shock, and damage broken. Certain outfits can also increase Aloy’s invisibility or help her heal over time, but overall, Zero DawnThe outfit’s focus is entirely on conditional protection. While that certainly makes them useful and worth collecting, their limited functionality also means that outfits are less fun to collect than new weapons that introduce new ammo types.

Forbidden Horizon in the West seems to aim to change that by overhauling the skin’s impact on the game. On the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games community head Bo de Vries recently explained that Forbidden Horizon in the WestHis outfit not only protects Aloy but is also associated with skills. De Vries’ description suggests that Aloy may only have certain skills when she’s wearing the right outfit, meaning every outfit changes way Western Forbidden drama. While he didn’t elaborate on what the attached skills required, one could imagine Aloy having additional defensive techniques available through a sturdy outfit, then gaining skills. new mobility after changing into a second, lighter outfit.

Other PlayStation comments have in turn suggested that Western ForbiddenYour outfit isn’t always the same give Aloy brand new skills alone, but they will power up the skills she already has. In November, PlayStation Europe tweeted that unlocked skills would benefit from Aloy’s skin. While that will certainly be different from the skins that are inherent in the skill level, it is still similar to the skins that modify Aloy’s abilities. One way or another, the outfit will manipulate Aloy’s Skill Tree, which is also changing in Western Forbidden Horizon.

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Potential impact on the skill tree

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De Vries says that the Skill Tree is get improvements in Forbidden Horizon in the West, and while he doesn’t explain exactly how it changes in the PlayStation Blog, the skin changes can provide some insight. By saying that Aloy’s outfit has something to do with skills, it’s possible that de Vries means that Aloy can’t unlock certain skills on the Skill Tree until she acquires a certain outfit. That would certainly make sense given the lore, which requires her to have the right gear to develop a new skill, but it’s possible the skins are just meant to enhance the skills the player might have yes when they choose.

If skins have nothing to do with skill unlocking, their role in buffing skills seems obvious. De Vries mentions maxing out skills when it comes to the Skill Tree, which makes it seem like players can put a lot of points into Aloy’s skills to make them stronger, unlike Horizon Zero Dawnsystem of where skill points simply unlock abilities. If the player invests in skills many times to increase strength Forbidden Horizon to the West, dress has a clear role to play. Armor can boost an unlocked skill by a level or two, allowing the player to gain some temporary power in a niche ability while saving skill points for more valuable investments .

Such a system would certainly be an improvement over Horizon Zero DawnSkill Tree’s. While the four types of Zero DawnTheir trees serve their purpose, their rather linear progression isn’t particularly innovative. Forbidden Horizon in the West would be wise to introduce the Skill Tree with more focus ways and more paths the player can choose from after unlocking the skill. If the new tree is so complicated, then Forbidden Horizon in the WestHis skins will be crucial to the player’s success, providing a way to cover up Aloy’s weaknesses or sharpen his strengths even further.

Horizon Forbidden West’s Active Development


So far, players have only had a glimpse of the blueprints of Forbidden Horizon in the WestNew costume mechanics. However, when details are so scarce, it certainly seems like a step in the right direction. Forbidden Horizon in the West aim great diversify the use of Aloy’s clothing; If every skill in the game had an outfit supporting it, then players would be more incentivized to collect a large number of skins for Aloy, rather than just hanging on to a few pieces of capable armor. convenient damage resistance. At the same time, costumes will become more useful than ever, which means clothes in Forbidden Horizon in the West will be much more interesting for players.

Although a bit surprised to see Horizon The franchise changed in the second game, which was a smart move towards Guerrilla Games. Now then Horizon has established himself as a potential PlayStation platform, Guerrilla needed to figure out how to keep the franchise fresh and categorize its enduring core ingredient. Horizon to be. The characters and plot of the world have fascinated a lot of fans who want to see where the game is going. It now relies on clever mechanical improvements like new skin-skill linkages to forge a path towards Horizonof the future.

Forbidden Horizon in the West Released February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games has just revealed Pullcaster, a versatile new tool that will take Aloy to the next level.

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