How does Galerius get elected?

Galerius was elected Judge in The Forgotten City It’s a lengthy process, but the player must take it to get the board from Duli’s cage. It is necessary to unlock the “canon” and get the best possible ending.

How does Galerius get elected in the forgotten city

Galerius at the market in the forgotten city

For Galerius to be elected Judge in The Forgotten City, the player must complete these 5 steps:

  1. Ask Malleolus to drop the election.
  2. Save Iulia.
  3. Save Ulpius.
  4. Save Fabia.
  5. Discover Vigil’s harasser and give them the potion.

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After the player completes these five steps, they must ask Galerius to complete them in another time loop in The Forgotten City. This resulted in 4 out of 6 eligible voters choosing Galerius as their new Judge.

Each of these 5 steps requires some time and effort, but getting Galerius elected and getting Duli’s placard is required. the best ending in The Forgotten City. The rest of this tutorial will detail the correct method to complete the steps with as few errors as possible.

How Malleolus Dropped the Election and Saved Fabia

Forgotten city assassin with bow

To get Malleolus to drop the election and convince Galerius to run, the player must reveal his secret.. Follow these steps to uncover the secrets of Malleolus:

  • Stop the assassin in The Forgotten City and take notes from his body.
  • Bribe Domitius with 2000 Denarii to gain access to Malleolus’ mansion.
  • Give a bottle of wine to Claudia, Malleolus’ wife, for proof of Malleolus’ secret.
  • Give proof to Malleolus and ask him to drop the election.

Once this is completed, the player must ask Galerius to bribe Malleolus to win Ulpius’ vote, and save Fabia’s life by dealing with the assassin. Saving Fabia’s life will make her friend Georgius vote for Galerius in the election.

How to save Iulia and Ulpius in the Forgotten City

Ulpius votes for Galerius at the election

To save Ulpius’ life and get him to vote for Galerius, the player must first save Iulia and free Ulpius from Malleolus’ slave debt.. To save Iulia, steal a plastic bottle of silphium from Desius’ stall at ‘s Marketplace ancient roman city of The Forgotten City, and then go through the gate to start a new loop.

If Malleolus has shown up, have Galerius convince him to drop the election when a new round begins. After that, quickly return to the Temple of Apollo and give Lucretia the silphium resin to cure Iulia.

Next, run to Ulpius outside the Great Temple located at the top of the city, and convince him not to kill himself. To do this, the player must have information that Ulpius has an affair with the missing Sentilla, and that Iulia must be saved. 2000 Denarii must be provided to free Ulpius from slavery, or Malleolus must be bribed by the player or Galerius to release Ulpius and Iulia.

Again, it’s important to have Galerius save Iulia and Ulpius in a new loop to get Ulpius to vote for him.

How to prevent Vergil from being threatened in the forgotten city

Virgil votes for Galerius at the election

To get Vergil’s harasser to stop threatening him, the player must unearth his harasser’s identity, and then give them medicine to help them heal.. To uncover their identities, head to Aurelia’s tavern and explore each room. Check all the entries and in the end the player will find out who the harasser is.

Next, the player must obtain the key to open the chest in the Shrine of Apollo. This can be achieved by inner bow The Forgotten City, and then the Golden Bow. Or, it can be obtained from Naevia’s chest in her section at the tavern.

Open the chest at the Shrine and give the potion to Lucretia. The harasser’s pain will be eased and now may be a reason to stop harassing Vergil. Once this task has been completed, Galerius must give the harasser drugs in a new loop to win their vote at the election, and Vergil’s.

Duli Forgotten City's dialogue

Although obtaining the key from Naevia’s area is quicker, obtaining the Golden Bow allows the player to clear out and vines turn into gold in The Forgotten City. This ability is needed to get another plaque, so you should get the key to the chest this way.

Inner Palace The Forgotten City It is also one of the most memorable segments and you should experience its creepy mystery at least once.

Once all of the above steps are completed, ask Equita to call the election, and Galerius will now be elected Judge.. He will release Duli, and the last player can get one of the 4 arrays. All this time will add how long does it take to beat The Forgotten City if the player wants to get one of the best endings.

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