How does Cindy compare to her Cid counterparts

In spite of Final Fantasy franchise through a numbered naming system, Square Enix’s Iconic JRPGs may be considered a member of an anthology series for a number of creative reasons. Elements such as monsters, weapons, gameplay mechanics, and summoning for example, all often reappear in some form or shape on clear universal divisions. While the cases are limited compared to the above topics, the same is true for some important named characters. The most famous of these is arguably the archetype Cid, with individuals bearing that moniker having appeared in various forms in every major game from Final Fantasy 2 come Final Fantasy 15.


Among all the indirectly connected appearances of the character, extending into the realm of side-games and extended franchise vehicles, Cid’s role in Final Fantasy 15 is particularly important. Instead of a single traditional depiction of a shaggy male mechanic, the player primarily interacts with a female in charge. character named Cindy Aurum, for the first time in the series’ history. Not only does this version of the character incorporate traditional elements from Cid’s past, she also breathes modernized new life into the archetype’s ethos for good measure.

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Features of Cindy in Final Fantasy 15

Throughout the decades of the long history of Final Fantasy, Cid often appears in front of the player as an elderly man with a corrosive personality and history with the military. After only a short time in the presence of Final Fantasy 15‘NS Cindy, or Cidney in Japanese, is clearly the latest interpretation of Square Enix’s film franchise a radical difference when it comes to personality.

Not only is Cindy younger than all of her predecessors and without a military upbringing, she warms up to the player more easily and naturally. While a lot of Cids have similar quirky personality traits, Cindy is probably the closest in this department to Final Fantasy 8character interpretation. Final Fantasy 8Cid’s Cid had an instant friendliness, unique when the game launched on the original PlayStation in 2000.

The reason why Cindy’s personality stands out above most, could be partly because she’s not the only Cid in the JRPG. As Final Fantasy 9 and twelfthWhen incarnating into the character, Cindy actually appears with another individual holding that name. In this case, the second Cid is actually her grandfather, an elderly beard man who embodies nearly all of the character’s stereotypes more rigidly.

Across every major entry in the franchise, directly or indirectly, family is a major aspect and theme of Cid’s character arc, which ensures that the two’s appearances together are not must be something really unique. Most famous in Final Fantasy 10For example, Cid’s son and daughter both play prominent roles on screen. Compared to previous family dynamics, like Final Fantasy 9Cid Fabool IX, who often cheats on his wife, Cindy and Cid live together in harmony.

In universe of Final Fantasy 15Cindy was raised by her grandfather to become a mechanic after her father, a man named Mid, was killed in an accident. Although it has a narrative meaning, this can be seen primarily as a callback Final Fantasy 5of Cid, who has a grandson by that name. When it comes to other subtle design comparisons, the mechanic’s yellow jacket can be viewed as another throwback to the past, as it bears a striking resemblance to the banana-like outfit from Final Fantasy 6Cid’s tragic interpretation steps in confidently.

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Cindy’s Role in Final Fantasy 15


Although some embodiments of Cid deviated from their chosen profession a bit, almost every version appears transparent Final FantasyThe history of has had some form of science or research related. In most cases, Cid’s has subsequently acted as mechanics, engineers, and scientists, ever since the moniker first debuted.

While Cindy doesn’t have a specific passion and passion for spaceships like her peers from Final Fantasy 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and ten, she still serves primarily as a mechanic in Final Fantasy 15of the universe. After succeeding her grandfather as head of the Hammerhead garage, throughout the game Cindy upgrades Noctis’ iconic Regalia, in a way that compares to the role several Cids have assumed since there Final Fantasy 3.

Perhaps most notably though, and in honor of the nickname’s flying legacy, in Chapter 15 Cindy is finally the one to allow Type-F version of the flying vehicle. Many of Cid’s past incarnations have given the player’s party access to all vehicles, such as airships and boats, which makes this appearance one of the more unique in the series. fight.

While this character is never playable, and never stops joining the party of players like Cid of Final Fantasy 4, 7 and 9 , she also manages to serve an important game role beyond these upgrades. In addition to occasionally offering engaging quests and side quests, Cindy will not only repair said vehicle if it breaks down or runs out of fuel, but she’ll also tow it to safety when it inevitably crashes. strand.

General, Final Fantasy 15Cid’s most prominent incarnation manages to walk the line between providing familiar roles and services, while remaining a breath of fresh air that expands the character’s portrayal into new areas. After successfully stepping out from her grandfather’s shadow, there’s a sense of accomplishment to the story and this Cid’s role unlike most that has come before her.

Revolutionary historical interpretations of Cid have been succeeded by more traditional interpretations, with Final Fantasy 13a young anti-hero with no beard and 14The older spacecraft test track, is just one example of a trend in action. Although it is all but guaranteed that the name will pop up again in Final Fantasy 16, which means players can join a more familiar version of the PS5 game.

Final Fantasy 15 Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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