How Do YouTubers Make Money?


With the incredible popularity of online entertainment, YouTube has become an extremely viable career option for young people around the world. With the ability to view content on the platform for free whenever you like, it is the perfect outlet to take your creations and opinions out into the wider world.

There are millions of videos uploaded to the site every day, so getting to the point where you can make a living from the service will not be easy, however, there are ways to monetize your videos even with an audience less.

In this article, we’ll break down all the ways creators can monetize their YouTube content.

How do you make money from YouTube?


The first and most obvious way to monetize your videos is through the Google AdSense service. The way this works is that YouTube will run ads before or during your videos or showcase them around videos on the site, and for every 1000 people who see these ads, you’ll earn a small portion of the revenue, usually is from one to five dollars .

AdSense payouts vary depending on how the platform is performing. In some situations where advertisers have chosen to pull their ads off the platform, the rate-per-view may decrease, but sometimes cases may also see them increase.

This is the perfect model to use if your channel has thousands of views, but for smaller channels this may not give you the results you want as you can only draw a minimum of 100 dollars.

brand advertising

While AdSense will use Google ads to place their clients’ ads on your content, if you’re looking for higher pay or more relevant ads for your content, you might want Look for brand advertising opportunities.

Typically, this will come from a brand approaching a creator and asking them to advertise a product or service in a video in return for a sum of money. This is where the bigger creators can make huge bucks as brands look for creators with the perfect audience for their products.

Unfortunately, reaching these opportunities as a smaller creator can be increasingly difficult, but there are other ways to build relationships with companies that can potentially lead to advertising. brand in the future.

Affiliate link

You don’t always have to use YouTube itself to monetize your content on the platform. One of the best ways for newer creators is through Affiliate Links. If you’re just starting out, brands may not want to take the risk and ask you to use their platform for their ad campaign, however, they can offer creators great deals. Affiliate links can be used at checkout on their respective storefronts.

These links will be unique to each creator, and for each viewer who uses the code at checkout, the creator will receive a small financial refund to help bring in the business.

For those who are just starting out, but don’t mind making a little money, affiliate links are a perfect choice.


Depending on your content style, you may not be eligible to make money on YouTube. Over the years, the platform’s policies have become stricter and much of the content that was once acceptable for advertising is no longer available, but there are still ways to make money.

Patreon is a subscription service that creators can set up to offer exclusive rewards for a small monthly payment. Typically, creators will use this permission to provide early access to a video, an invitation to a private discord server, or exclusive discounts on merchandise.

The options are limitless when it comes to tweaking what rewards you will offer your audience using Patreon, and it can be a great way to monetize with a small but dedicated fan base.


The final way to monetize your YouTube channel that we are going to talk about here is through merchandise. Selling t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, toys, and other products can be a great way to make money. If your brand has a dedicated audience, even 100 people will buy merchandise related to your channel then you should try risk-free to try on some shirts.

One of the keys to finding out if this monetization method is right for your channel is to first poll your audience and then test a small print so you can see the demand. how demand increases.

The best thing about the merchandise and indeed all the options on our list is that you can use them all at once to accumulate as much revenue as you can and try to make your channel the best it can be. into a full-time gig.

How Do YouTubers Make Money?


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