How did the Farming Simulator series get so big?

Farming Simulator 22 recently hit storefronts around the world, and the results have been nothing but green for Giants Software, the studio behind the franchise. This latest entry has sold over 1 million copies in about a week, which is one new record for the series. Even before release FS22, community behind Farming Simulator was very big. From an eSports tournament, to successful content creators who are completely devoted to the series, Farming Simulator is the raider of a brand in the sim world. But why?

It has no long and rich heritage of Microsoft Flight Simulator, nor the glitz and general attention-grabbing of something like Forza. Some consider it to be one of the most mundane, repetitive, and confusing experiences you can have in a game. But, despite the apprehensions of some such, they are clearly the outliers in terms of the sheer success of the series. Perhaps it simply has to do with the age-old strategy of filling a niche and filling it well.

Make a name for yourself

Evidence Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Now that the lineage is ancient (in the years of gaming) over three decades, the emulator genre in general has clearly been around for quite some time. They come in all shapes and sizes, from amusement park moguls, to even lawn mowers – it feels almost like whatever could be (and actually is) an emulator. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common, and it’s right there in the name. They give an authentic representation of a real-world activity.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Farming Density

Simulators are sought after for their attention to detail, and Farming Sim does this remarkably well.

Unlike regular video games where the usual rules and logic don’t need to apply, the simulator goes completely in the opposite direction, seeking to provide an experience as realistic as possible. That’s why some self-proclaimed emulators are even afraid to treat their favorite title as a game, as that would disrespect its authenticity and pedigree. On the other hand, they themselves can use it to denote a title they don’t like, as a way to label it unauthentic. full be considered a real emulator.

With these brands in mind, it becomes quite interesting to appreciate the multitude of subgenres that make up the emulator’s overall world. For the most part, there are always standout titles that define each genre. With flight sim, Microsoft Flight Simulator. For truck sim, no doubt American & Euro Truck Simulator. And for agricultural sims, Giants Software has manipulated the market quite a lot with self-defined names Farming Simulator.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Hardworkers 2

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but this tells you the whole story in advance.

Supply and demand

For over a decade, the franchise has continued to grow at a steady pace in every respect. As each new mainstream entry pushes the limitations of its engine further, the brand’s popularity grows. This has spurred developers to keep improving, thus leading to more interested consumers. But why this agricultural franchises in particular? No others? Real.

As mentioned before, you can find many projects that exist in almost every sub-genre. In this case, other franchises include Real farm, Cattle & crops and Pure farming, just to name a few. For what it’s worth, these all look and play quite similar to Farming Simulator. To the untrained eye, they can even be mistaken for the same title. However, these are not things that are being celebrated. Only Giants Software’s products have reached enormous popularity and recognition.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Under the tree

The giants have manipulated the market appropriately.

While the first release of Farming Simulator certainly not the first of its kind, the series has had a few key ingredients over the years: consistency, quality, and longevity. This franchise has been around for over a decade and spans basically every device. PCs, consoles, handhelds, even mobile devices – means there is an official Farming Simulator title on every screen. On top of that, each iteration more or less plays on the platform’s strengths to the point where there’s a clear divide between the PC/console version and the mobile version. This consistency and attention to detail has allowed the series to sprout and grow on a large scale.

Above all, Giants have to admit that they have done a great job in maintaining and improving quality over the years. Each new mainline iteration typically introduces a new main element that then becomes the main element of the sequence. From the AI ​​staff, to the seasons, to the inclusion of famous producers and the amazing advancements in its graphics engine – the bar tends to spike with each new release. Sure, some bumps were bigger than others. Eg, Farming Simulator 19 Doesn’t feel like a huge improvement over its predecessor, other than outstanding advanced graphics upgrades. Farming Simulator 22however, it has a significantly higher amount of new content and improvements that make it feel more deserving of being treated as a fresh, new version.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Green field

The series has come a long way in its decades-long history.

With a legacy on her side, Farming Simulator has pretty much consolidated as a subgenre of its own. The aforementioned franchises were all born after the Giants Software series. And for those who preceded it, they lie dormant in history. Farming Simulator is a series that is charging steadily, thus creating competition in the long run. However, this rivalry has not yet displeased the default king. That doesn’t seem to be due to lack of trying. In a way, the competition even goes beyond what the Giants have achieved. For example, I found Pure Farming 2018 superior in some ways Farming Simulator 17 and even Farming Simulator 19 (released a few months later). Not yet, Pure farming‘S community withers and dies in just one season, as does its support. Pure farming certainly not a bad title, at least not. But, obviously, it’s very difficult to compete properly, let alone kill such a deep-rooted tree.

Grow into it

Are from Farming Simulator already being one of the stickies around, it has amassed a passionate community that is not only ready for each new release, but ready to support the release until the wheel stops working. With such strong support, modding has become another key element of the series that competitive titles lack.

This is greatly evidenced by the mechanics of previously mod-only dynamic seasons that have now become a core part of the experience, as officially introduced in Farming Simulator 22. Here we see Giants learning from its own community and building sims accordingly. This synergy between the community and the core team was also a big part of the series’ success.

However, there is still the issue of overall popularity. Why are pet sims considered hot goods? anyway? Going back to the previously mentioned worries about how mundane such a title can be – those remarks are true. The games are inevitably boring, repetitive and boring. However, that mundaneity has clearly struck a chord with its fans. Overall, there’s something fascinating about the way sims allow you to complete a quest and/or role that you probably wouldn’t be able to do in real life, no matter how “boring” it might be.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Night Intensity Front

Oddly enough for some, there’s something truly satisfying about driving these massive machines in a virtual world.

For example, large-scale farming doesn’t really exist in my native Bahamas to the extent depicted in this simulation. A tractor is a rare sight. However, I love this series. Even people who live in such large-scale farming areas may not be able to keep an eye on them. That said, probably a big part of it is down to that sim error. When you know you’ll probably never get the chance to do something, the fact that a game lets you really feel like you can be a huge pull for some people. It is similar to how children are fascinated by big machines and fascinating professions like firefighting and space exploration. The magic of doing something unique never really fades for some of us. That’s where the sim comes in. They satisfy that latent curiosity. And when a sim can capture that experience with real realism, it makes it more believable, thus leading to more engagement.

The fact that the series has become such a staple in the world of content creation and eSports also shows that this interest is adaptable. While the eSports section focuses more on the action aspect, the streamers and video producers out there who base their channel on Farming Simulator, has attracted audiences for the same reason that the sims themselves; That strange curiosity. Not to mention that their usually pleasant personalities are reflected in their gameplay, further enhancing the experience for viewers and making them even more curious about how that particular creator handles sims. Again, like a well-functioning ecosystem, we see synergy in the work.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Snow moving

The community of the series has been so influential, the developers have incorporated mods into the core experience. That is upward growth.

Stable on

You really can’t overstate Farming Simulator’s standing power. What started as a basic, the title looks gross, grew into a highly regarded and thriving franchise that has captured the attention of millions. Will there ever be a real competitor to it? It’s hard to say for sure. Such a title would have to be striking enough and complex enough to captivate the masses. It would be a situation similar to that of Microsoft Flight Simulator and is the main competitor, Airplane X.

While the latter is still touted as “premium” in some ways due to its mechanics, Microsoft Flight SimulatorIts trademark weight alone has carried it sky-high, and it has skyrocketed past the likes of the latest Airplane X in terms of popularity and recognition. In short, people love the familiar, and even more so if it’s still interesting. So, Farming Simulator will most likely remain the de facto title for many years to come. The giants seem pretty willing to keep rolling around with it for the foreseeable future, so there’s no reason to believe this situation will change.

Farming Simulator 22 Pc Seasonal Guide Wheat to Harvest

In the near future, Farming Sim will definitely stay here.

All things considered, there are still some notable ways the sim could improve, such as implementing more features and mechanics to really enhance its real feel. But, its current state is clearly still more than enough to please the likes of the large community. As long as this cycle continues, this farming farm is going nowhere. How did the Farming Simulator series get so big?


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