How could Geth survive the end of destruction

Although the majority 4 . block effect—Or whatever the proper title BioWare poses — remains a mystery, there are a few details fans have noticed in various marketing materials so far. First of all, Liara looks much older indicating that she’s likely been overlooked for a sizable amount of time. After all, the galaxy must recover from the Reaper invasion, and that would likely be slower without Mass Relays. There is also the fact that a shot of The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are ‘on purpose’, can mean where does the story begin 3 . block effect leave and somehow connect to Andromeda too.


Perhaps the main thing, which is reasonable speculation based on the literature released so far, is 4 . block effect seemingly canonized for the End of Destruction. This has two main meanings; first, it’s the only ending where Shepard could have survived. It’s a whole new test of whether Shepard should return or not. The other thing is that, along with the Reapers and other synthetic creatures, Geth was destroyed, but there is reason to believe they may have survived.

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Block effect 4 is emphasizing Geth

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While watching the Milky Way without Geth and seeing the aftermath of their destruction would be a potentially interesting spin-off, Geth is undeniably one of the most popular. Block effect races. Legion was a wonderful companion, and sacrificing him was heartbreaking. However, if they died and entered 4 . block effect, they appear strangely in marketing materials.

As seen above 4 . block effect poster, this crater is intentionally designed to look like Geth’s head. Zooming in also shows a dead Geth here, reinforcing that Geth in the Milky Way was destroyed. However, the key word there is “Geth in the Milky Way”. When Shepard fires the Crucible, it sends a wave across the galaxy via Mass Relays, and that wave is confined to the Milky Way.

Mass Effect Lore: Geth’s Potential Getaway

Geth in the Milky Way, in this ending is no doubt destroyed, but Geth has always been extremely resourceful. It was revealed in Mass Effect: Andromeda that Geth has managed to create a giant structure out of three Mass Relays, known as the Kholas Array, that can observe galaxies outside the Milky Way in near real time. Now, this is heavily implied as how Geth searches for Harbingers and Reapers, but this type of technology is very powerful and shows what Geth is capable of.

Even if that was its primary use, it was clear that Geth was aware of other galaxies, like Andromeda. Just like Thanh thought a plan B with the Andromeda . Initiative, it’s the reason Geth can do something similar. With their range of telescopes and advanced technology, it’s conceivable that the Geth will infer the dangers to their composite lives just like the Reapers and plan a way out. Geths that exist outside the Milky Way when the Crucible Waves die off will survive, and perhaps they could even be the thread that binds the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies together.

Apparently, there are a few holes in this like how Dear Companion Corps never mentioned it – despite Geth’s honeycomb mind nature. Geth, however, would have to exist if Geth were to play a role in 4 . block effectand marketing that relies on them more than just to hint at End of Destruction typicality would be a nice little secret (for now).

4 . block effect is in the process of development.

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