How Companies Are Protecting Their Data in 2022

In 2022 it is even more important than ever for companies and businesses across the world to correctly and safely store their data – the threat of online attacks is just far to real in today’s multi-connected and technology driven world.

As a business, one needs to be connected – your employees are more than likely working remotely most of the time, and this means that your system and infrastructure will need to be setup to allow online access to documents and data, you’ll actually have to host your server in the cloud in order for your teams to access data remotely. This does mean though, that your data is therefore available for others to hack and access things you wouldn’t want to be out in the public, so as a business owner, you need to have certain precautions and security in place to keep unwanted people out.

One of the best ways for any business to stay on top of their IT Security needs is to partner with an IT Support Company who provides trusted security protection and IT Services. They are the experts when it comes to cybersecurity and helping businesses and organisations to safely secure their data in the cloud and also provide the right kind of preventative protection against cyberattacks and phishing attacks online.

There have been quite a few new rules and regulations that businesses have had to begin adhering to with regards to their company and customer data. Sometimes, it can be tricky for businesses to stay up to date and know what is required of them, this is where the help of an IT Support Partner can come in handy too. We spoke with one of the top IT Support Services London Providers in the UK, TechQuarters, about cybersecurity trends in 2022 and they noted that hackers are finding new ways to access customer and company data each day, so staying one step ahead of them is always the best kind of strategy a business should take.

One of the most common types of IT Support that businesses chooses to use to manage their online security and data are Outsourced IT Support London Solutions for example. Businesses in the UK would rather outsource their IT Support to a trusted partner and ensure their cybersecurity is intact and protecting the companies’ data properly. Your IT Partner will constantly monitor new tools and the changing and evolving digital landscape so that your business is up to date with the latest privacy regulations and security threats that could affect your business operations and ensure you’re in line with them and operating safely.

TechQuarters noted three very important factors to consider for 2022 when businesses are taking their cybersecurity into consideration, they are:

  1. Even more companies will turn to offering watertight privacy solutions for their customers.
  2. The act of having portable data will become mandatory for businesses.
  3. Businesses will have policies and protection in place that will allow them to run even after a

cyberattack happens.

When the threat of a cyber attack can literally come from anywhere, being proactive and having the right preventative measures in place to actually thwart an attack is the best form of protection for businesses. One cannot simply wait for an attack to happen before they do anything – by then, your company data is already compromised and your customer data could be too, which is even worse.

In 2022 and beyond, companies will continue to have challenges when it comes to data protection – we are storing more and more data online and in the cloud, and transactions are becoming more digital by the day which is exactly why staying one step ahead and ensuring you’re protected properly is the right way to go.

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