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How Common Is Uterine Prolapse?

Remedy for uterine prolapse

Your uterine prolapse might not want therapy until your signs trouble you or make you uncomfortable. Your physician might first suggest way of life adjustments to assist. These might embody:

Your prenatal physician might suggest pelvic ground remedy after giving beginning as a preventative measure. This could embody Kegel workout routines to strengthen and tone muscle tissues. These workout routines may additionally be helpful for bettering urinary and bowel incontinence.

In case your signs are extreme, otherwise you want different uterine prolapse therapy, your physician might take a look at completely different therapies, together with:

Hormone therapy

Your physician might prescribe estrogen hormone replacement therapy to alleviate a few of your signs.


A pessary is a tool your physician might insert into your vagina to assist help the pelvic muscle tissues. These can are available quite a lot of sizes and styles and they’re considered fairly profitable for prolapse. They could assist relieve incontinence.

Pessaries have to be cleaned repeatedly. Your physician will present you tips on how to take away, clear, and insert your pessary. Uncomfortable side effects are doable, together with irritation of the vaginal lining, issues with intercourse, vaginal ulcers, and foul smelling discharge. If these happen, converse to your physician.

Surgical procedure

Your physician might counsel uterine prolapse surgical procedure, nonetheless it often isn’t beneficial till your signs are worse than the dangers of surgical procedure. Your physician might be able to carry out various kinds of surgical procedure relying on the severity of your prolapse, whether or not you wish to have extra pregnancies, and your age and well being.

Completely different surgical procedure choices might embody:

  • Hysterectomy to take away the uterus
  • Sacrospinous fixation to appropriate ligaments
  • Different procedures to restore a sagging urethra, bladder, rectum, or vaginal partitions

Your physician might be able to carry out a vaginal hysterectomy. Eradicating the uterus by the vagina this fashion reduces the chance of a giant scar.

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