How can the ending plot turn around

Fate 2The Witch Queen expansion will focus on the Hive God of Deception, Savathun, who has been considered one of the most powerful enemies in the entire series. Fate 2 universe for a long time. The Witch Queen expansion is due out on February 22nd next year, and the Present Season of the Lost One serves as a bridge to the premise and events of the series. Fate 2grade 5, and this is the first Season where Savathun has explicitly revealed herself to the players about who she is – even talking to them in Mara Sov’s room.

Normally, Section lasts about three months in Fate 2, but with Season of the Lost As the longest Part in the game’s history, it’s only natural that its ending has yet to be revealed. Because Season of the Lost is directly related to the events of The Witch Queen, it makes sense that the final season storyline would move forward in the story and partially explain the basics of what will happen next year. in Fate 2. What Fate 2 players are now learning that Savathun will somehow manage to gain the powers of the Traveler’s Light and grant them to the Hive Guardians, creating an army of Hive Lightbearers that cannot be killed unless their Ghost is defeated first. .


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Destiny 2 Season 2, Savathun’s Light and Mara’s Aspiration for Power

Title Queen of Destiny's Wrath

An important distinction to be made is, according to Fate 2of legend, “receive” is for the Abyss and Shadows, while “give” or “given” is for Sky and Light. This means that Savathun cannot coerce Traveler’s Light, but she may have to go through a cycle that the Presenter from the Red War campaign outlined, including devotion, sacrifice, and death. Not in Fate 2The universe of the universe is known to have the gift of Light that does not die, and what Eliksni has is not the Light of the Traveler through Ghosts and endless life, but the blessing itself. brought humanity to the Golden Age before the Fall.

As such, Savathun will likely die at the end of the Season of the Lost, or as part of the premise for The Witch Queen expansion, and then she will be resurrected by a Ghost and given the powers of Light. Much Fate 2 the player believes that, since the story of Season of the Lost revolves around Mara Sov having to banish Savathun’s Worm God to free her from it, the Queen of the Reef is planning to kill Savathun while she is still weak. While this may be Mara’s plan, it’s not likely to work out as she thought it would, and Savathun will likely maintain her bargaining end by returning Osiris – alive, but possibly not good.

Instead, Mara Sov is known to crave more power and control, which means she can also exorcise Savathun’s Worm and not kill it, but keep it to herself – be it to become stronger, or to seek knowledge. This moment of bossiness and distraction could lead to Savathun’s escape, all while the City of Dreams is under attack by Xivu Arath’s forces – allegiance between Hive, Scorn, and Taken. Osiris may be reunited with her lover, Saint-14, and was taken to safety in the Last City.

Savathun is back Osiris can actually bring her closer to the Light of the Traveler by showing her devotion, and sacrificing herself later for the greater good may ultimately bring her blessings. the blessing of eternal life, which she renounced with her Worm. Final, Fate 2Season of the Lost is likely to end with a bit of trouble to be resolved soon, as the epilogue will likely come out after the Dawning event ends in January and The Witch Queen releases a month later.

Fate 2 Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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