How can Spice make the interstellar travel?

By Denis Villeneuve Sand dunes has now been released and has received general acclaim and acclaim for its fidelity to the source material. While the film doesn’t directly adapt the novel’s pages, it overcomes many of the commonalities and themes found in Herbert’s work. Despite how accurate much of the movie seems to be, there is a paragraph that seems to be a bit missing. Spice is said to be important throughout the film, it is what kicks off the entire plot of House Atreides’ move to Arrakis, but unfortunately one thing remains unclear. Despite Spice’s importance when it comes to interstellar travel, this relationship has yet to carry the weight it deserves.


Spice on Arrakis is one of the central elements of Sand dunes. Said to taste and smell like cinnamon, the substance glistens among the sand grains of the desert planet. Spice has long been recognized as a foothold for oil in the Middle East, as many of Herbert’s similarities to the real world are not so subtle. This substance serves many purposes in the world Sand dunes, and Arrakis as its sole source has made the planet hotly contested. Spice is said to be able to triple a man’s lifespan as well as enhance many abilities that various groups already have, such as Bene Gesserit’s vision.

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Paul Atreides with spaceship in the background in Dune

When it comes to interstellar travel, Spice has led to a huge step forward for those who Sand dunes. Interstellar travel has long been possible in Sand dunes universe, however it is not always the safest. Early interstellar travel, in which interstellar ships folded space and time to travel across vast distances in space, was essentially done through guesswork and cams. conclude. Technology has the potential, however, that people cannot map the paths far enough to make it ultimately useful.

Because travel takes so much guesswork, it often takes longer than is ideal for troops and the like to travel through space. Surprise attacks are almost impossible and the army can often light remote tracking. This led to many early defeats before the battle could begin. In addition, the casualty rate of interstellar travelers is extremely high. Space debris, asteroids or pretty much anything at the speed that ships travel can result in the entire fleet being annihilated in a single jump. After Arrakis was discovered and Spice began to be cultivated, interstellar travel was revolutionized.

Paul stands in front of a giant bas-relief over Arrakis in the 2021 film adaptation of Dune.

Space Foundation navigators have been deployed to help with interstellar travel. These are creatures artificially enhanced to become super intelligent and have the ability to see through time. They were transformed by the guild through consumption and exposure to a large amount of seasoning. These creatures are often floated in tanks of refined spices, resulting in massive atrophy and elongated limbs. These mutations have led many to avoid looking at Navigators and instead simply acknowledge their usefulness.

Inhaling spices allows Navigators to manifest known abilities. they are can see through time, and more specifically the future. Navigators are then used to map out safe routes in space by looking at all possible routes to death. The use of new Navigators from the Space Guild helps to reduce casualties from interstellar travel, however, it also leads to the possibility that the army could make a surprise attack on their enemies. This has greatly increased the number of deaths from interstellar travel, however, it comes from a different source.

Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin in Dune

Due to the usefulness of the Navigator, and thus the power wielded by the Space Guild, Spice became very valuable to the Space Guild. Throughout Herbert’s stories, the Space Guild used deception and support tactics to secure their supply of Spice, which they pretty much needed to make more Navigators. Like everything in Sand dunes, Spice has found a way to infiltrate every realm and damage nearly every living thing.

After deploying Navigators, and also leading to it, the Space Guild organized Exclusive space travel known through the universe. This power originates and leads to corruption, and the guild has repeatedly used backing channels to secure their own power. The Space Guild often presents itself as a more silent organization, preferring to hold its power quietly than to present itself as loudly as many larger houses. While they are not usually directly involved in conflicts, it is likely that the Space Organization holds the power to do so should they need to. Their far-reaching abilities and the power they wield are said to be second only to the Bene Gesserit. Many houses have been shown to respect the Space Guild, some even showing justifiable fear.

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