How Berserk Inspires Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro

Berserk, one of the longest-running manga series ever created, has spawned numerous anime and video game adaptations. It is also one of the best-selling comic books of all time, with more than 50 million copies in circulation, and is considered by many to be an all-time classic of the television genre.

Legendary video game creator Hidetaka Miyazaki drew from a number of sources when he created Dark souls games, including the book “Choose Your Own Adventure” that he enjoyed as a child. However, he is also very much inspired by the story, art and mood of Berserk, making it a must for any FromSoftware fan.

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A Brief History of Berserk

The strongest characters featured in Berserk Griffith and Guts

Berserk conceived, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura, the manga’s creator from 1989 until his death in 2021. Its epic story follows the intertwined story of Guts – a mercenary warrior known as the Black Swordsman – and his old friend Griffith, leader of a mercenary unit known as the “Hawk’s Band” (a reference to Griffith’s nickname and his bird-like armor). Guts’ companion and former second-in-command of the Band of the Hawk, Casca, is also an important character in the story.

Berserk was first published in 1989 in the Japanese magazine “Monthly Animal House”, and continues to appear in the reincarnation form of the now-defunct publication, “Young Animals”. In addition to its incredible popularity and sales, the manga also earned its author the Excellence Award at the 6th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Awards. A final chapter was published posthumously, which fans believe is a fitting ending for Berserk, even if its creator never intended it to be.

Although the series is full of memorable moments, its most famous is its “Golden Age” story arc, which focuses on the brutal and tragic past that connects its main characters. . This original story has been adapted into 25 episodes Berserk TV series originally ran from 1997 to 1998, as well as an anime trilogy that hit theaters in the early 2010s.

The events of the period are disturbing, haunting, and heartbreaking, telling the story of how taciturn and violent Guts is first persuaded to join the Band of the Hawk by its handsome and charismatic leader. it, Griffith. Casca, Griffith and Guts worked together to create a period of success and wealth for the mercenary group. However, fans of the manga know that the trilogy makes no sense to stay happy and connected, and both the TV series and the anime have done an excellent job of portraying them. Griffith’s Amazing Fall.

Sadly, one more recent anime adaptation of Berserk less successful, with fans criticizing its 3D model, animation, and overall direction. But with so much material to draw from, fans are still optimistic that a future Berserk anime adaptations can successfully recapture the magic of some of the manga’s other memorable storylines.

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How Berserk Inspired the Game of Software

Berserkeffect of Dark souls, the soul of the devil, and other FromSoftware action adventure games that’s for sure. Miyazaki’s game world is filled with associations with the iconic manga, with a large number of items, locations, and other details in the title showcasing the director’s love of writing.

One area where this inspiration is evident is in the game’s weaponry. NS soul The game offers players a diverse arsenal of weaponsand many of these are drawn directly from the world of Berserk. NS Dark souls The series’ giant Greatsword, a favorite among players pursuing strength-building, was clearly inspired by the grotesque oversized sword Guts wielded. Sekiro also borrows from Guts’ weapons by equipping the protagonist with a mechanical prosthetic leg and arm capable of firing explosive projectiles.

Some enemy designs in soul series is also lifted directly from Berserk. Notorious Skeleton Wheel, also known as “Wheel of Bones”, depicts corpses that do not remain behind the horrifying broken wheels that caused their deaths. In a stroke of dark comedy genius, the creatures use these devices of torture to devastating effect, harassing the player with rolling attacks whenever they appear in the game. . However, Dark souls reality did not mark the debut of these formidable enemies; instead, they were spawned by the twisted mind of Kentaro Miura, whose villainous role in Berserk.

Other monster designs in soul The game clearly hints at the origins of Miura’s work. Dark souls‘Demon Taurus very similar Berserk The game’s villain Nosferatu Zodd, and the game’s snake enemies are very similar to the Snake Lord villain in the manga. Bloodborne also get into the action, with boss character Ludwig’s beastly form resembling a monstrous and deformed horse, a design that also appears as a monster in Berserk.

The game also contains a number of NPCs inspired by the venerable manga series. Dark souls‘popular and tragic Siegmeyer of Catherine known as the “Onion Knight” because of the way his armor resembles a vegetable, but his design is also very similar to BerserkBazuso’s villain. Even cute Dark souls The blacksmith, Andre, was clearly designed to look like Godot, the man responsible for crafting Guts’ giant sword.

The first Hidetaka Miyazaki soul title, recent remake the soul of the devil, there are also many references to Miura’s work. NPC Yuria wears a special hat that Schierke wore for the first time in Berserk, and Latria’s iron maidens and metal cages are reminiscent of the torture chamber where Griffith was held during the tragic climax of the Golden Age.

Of course, FromSoftware isn’t the only developer to draw from Berserk, as the series has had a huge influence on generations of Japanese creators. Games like Final Fantasy VII also bears its mark in form Cloud’s Giant Buster Swordand there have been many live adaptations of Berserk into a video game.

Sadly, Kentaro Miura’s death means it’s unlikely the series will continue without its creator at the helm. However, for sure BerserkIts legacy will live on for decades to come in the form of many of the video games that the legendary manga helped inspire.

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