How a Temperance Persona user might work

Since the very first game in the series, the persona Franchise has created a connection between its playable characters and the Major Arcana of the classic tarot deck. The Major Arcana are used to classify characters, demons, and personas, grouping the many mythological and historical figures into categories that often affect their stats and abilities in battle. Characters typically have personality traits and personal struggles associated with their arcana. person 6 will likely continue this trend, but one thing fans are hoping to see is a Temperance Arcana wielder. The Temperance Arcana has never been used by a playable character, and person 6 could be the first title in the series to do so.


Although most of the 22 Major Arcana, as well as some variants of Arcana from other decks, have been associated with playable characters throughout the series, person 3 established a standard of the same few arcana used repeatedly in every game. For example, Persona 3, Persona 4, and individual 5 All had a protagonist, represented by the Fool Arcana, accompanied by party members wielding the Mage, Emperor, Priestess, and Lovers Arcana. Additionally, Empress, Chariot, and Justice Arcana were each playable in two of the three games. Some fans hope so person 6 will not follow this formula and will instead introduce some new or rarely used arcana to the team of playable protagonists.

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What does the Temperance Arcana represent?

Temperance is the fourteenth Major Arcana card in the Rider-Waite standard tarot deck. Upright, the Temperance Arcana represents balance, moderation, and patience. Conversely, the Temperance Arcana represents imbalance and excess. A person represented by upright temperance is likely to have their life together and is patient and wise, while someone represented by reverse temperance is likely struggling to find balance in their life and feels that something important is missing. Reverse temperance is sometimes used to symbolize alcoholics, addicts, or those who overwork themselves.

The moderation card is usually represented by an angel pouring water between two cups, symbolizing the card’s association with balance and regularity. While individual 5 used these images for his Temperance Confidant, person 3 and person 4 instead used various temperance card artworks symbolizing the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) in perfect balance. Among the Major Arcana, temperance is considered a “virtue” along with strength and justice. In various tarot decks such as the Visconti Sforza deck, it is sometimes replaced with alternative virtues such as Faith, Hope, and Charity.

What could a temperance persona be?

Temperance Arcana Personas have appeared in all five persona games as well as the Person Q spin-offs. Many Temperance Persona are birds and animals, such as the mythical phoenix bird, the white tiger Byakko, and the mighty serpent Raja Naga. The ultimate persona of the Temperance Arcana has changed frequently and is different in almost every game. The Ultimate Temperance Personas included the celestial serpent Yurlungur, the Hindu deity Vishnu, and the balanced male-female god Ardha. Some persona Games have also associated the Angel Gabriel with the Temperance Arcana.

A playable Temperance user’s persona would likely depend on it person 6‘s theme; for example, persona 4 All investigation teams have personas inspired by Japanese culture, while the Phantom Thieves of individual 5 have literary pranksters. Ideally, a temperance persona should be something that represents balance and brings disparate elements into harmony. Anubis, the Egyptian judge of the dead, would be a good option. Other options include Atlas, the Greek titan who carries the earth, Harmonia, the Greek goddess of harmony, or the philosopher Paracelsus, associated with naming and classifying the four elements.

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While there has never been a playable user of Temperance Persona, the Temperance Arcana has appeared as a Social Link or Confidant in every game in the main series Persona 3. Persona 3 Temperance Social Link was Andre Laurent Jean Geraux, aka “Bebe”, a fashion-loving exchange student who wanted to stay in Japan despite his family’s objections. in the person 4, Protagonist Yu Narukami is able to work as a day care worker to meet Eri Minami, a woman struggling to bond with her stepson Yuuta. Finally, persona 5 Temperance Confidant is the player character’s teacher, Sadayo Kawakami, who is forced to balance her job as a teacher with late-night work as a maid.

Since two of the three Temperance Social Links were adults, and the concept of “work-life balance” is often associated with adults, it’s possible that a playable Temperance Persona user could also be an adult. Most playable characters in persona Games are high school students, however Persona 5 Striker recently debuted the first playable Persona-wielding adult since Person 2: Police Inspector Zenkichi Hasegawa, who received a positive reception from fans. Adding another adult to the team in person 6 could create a unique dynamic and help make the game feel less identical to the previous titles in the series. Alternatively, the Temperance Persona user could be an overworked honor student looking for balance, or a similar exchange student bebe

How might a Temperance Persona user work in combat?

In general, Temperance Personas embody the concept of “jack of all trades, master of nothing.” They have balanced stats and don’t tend to excel in one area. You often have access to persona‘s strongest support abilities. Probably due to the Temperance Arcana’s association with the elements, they are often powerful magical attackers, though Ardha excels at physical attacks instead. Some Temperance Personas, like Yurlungur, are also capable of casting high-level healing spells.

A Temperance user in person 6 could represent the Arcana’s connection to balance, being able to use multiple elements in combat. This would be a unique fighting style, like most party members persona Games tend to specialize in a single element. Alternatively, they could have a support-focused persona, similar to Morgana in individual 5. The Temperance Arcana could also be a good choice for a Persona without combat navigation as it is used person 4‘s get up and individual 5‘s Futaba because it advocates moderation and could serve as an antithesis to the excesses of combat.

With more information about person 6 hopefully during this year personaFor the 25th anniversary of , some fans are hoping to finally see a Temperance Persona user join the team. Regardless of what persona they wield and however they fight, this Temperance user would likely make a unique addition persona 6 Party.

person 6 is under development.

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