Horror games with incredible sound design

horror games are known for their haunting level design and eerie atmosphere. One way this atmosphere is supported is through the sounds used in those haunted, creaky old houses or alien-infested spaceships where the threat is faintly heard. This adds to the fear factor of those who dare venture further inside.

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These games are fondly remembered by players because they are like that Sounds used in them affected how they played. While other titles rely heavily on the use of sound to advance the gameplay of the horror genre in new, exciting ways that have yet to be fully explored.


10 Survive

In this first-person horror survival experience, players must explore the deadly corridors of the Mount Massive Asylum mental hospital. Between avoiding the horrific patients who live there and recording everything they see, the sounds echoing through the building humbled players.

The soft screams with no people around, the murmurs of the discharged patients, and most importantly, the grotesque wet noises that accompany the horrific events happening throughout the asylum. It is certain that every gamer will wince in fear while playing.

9 The last of us

The action-adventure title by The last of us isn’t usually remembered for the fact that it’s a horror, but mostly for its deep and thoughtful story. Hidden within this zombie apocalypse is the most terrifying and memorable monster of them all, with a clicking sound that players are reluctant to remember.

Gamers will always meet gamers at the worst of times. In long-abandoned buildings, the clicking sound echoing off them is frightening, especially since no other sound can be heard as the player is forced to remain silent.

8th dark wood

Let’s stay with the subject of survival horror. dark wood is a new title that draws inspiration from the old-school horrors caused by atmospheric horror, and since the player is surrounded by an ever-suffocating forest, it’s no surprise what sounds he hears.

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Cracking branches is one thing, but the real fears are at night when the player is barricaded in their shelter. In perpetual fear of something breaking, players must pay attention to the footsteps surrounding their home, paying close attention to where and when to strike.

7 silent Hill

silent Hill is acclaimed not only for its incredible story, but also for its unforgettable soundtrack and atmospheric noise. Especially in the first game where the use of radio noise allowed players to know when an enemy was nearby.

This wasn’t just helpful for players when trying to survive silent Hill, but was also awful to hear as a player’s heart rate would increase the second the hissing started. This was swapped out for specific enemy music in the second game, although it had the same effect.

6 Until dawn

As a game that inspired creating a movie-like experience for its players, the sound design had to match this dream that the developers at Supermassive Games had. Of course, this meant creating a musical soundtrack that best suited the experience.

While some players argue that the sound design of Until dawn wasn’t as good as other titles, but credit still needs to be given to the variety of horrors inflicted by simple noises. Especially since the game is surrounded by an eerie forest, as well as the other horrors that keep players on their toes.

5 Foreigners: isolation

Move away from the forests and monsters to replace them with aliens and spaceships, Foreigners: isolation takes place on a space station that is being overrun by the infamous Xenomorph species. As a survival horror, it’s best if the player doesn’t encounter this alien while exploring.

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Since the player doesn’t know where the alien is, any hiss of the whistle or creaking of the vents could be the alien waiting to attack the player. Therefore, a player is always nervous about the sounds he hears around him.

4 resident Evil

resident Evil has made many great additions to the horror game genre. It is particularly praised for how it manages to create an exciting experience through the sound for those who have played any of the previous titles.

It never failed to impress players. Especially in Resident Evil 7 where it returned to the roots of horror to create an experience of suspense, through moments of utter silence to hearing doors further in the house being opened and closed by the monsters within.

3 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is already being praised for the gothic castle that players explore throughout the psychological horror, adding to the game’s already unsettling atmosphere. Although there is a monster chasing the player, much of the danger they face is never actually there, despite the feeling of being there.

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The player is given countless audible hallucinations that make them think something is happening in the next room, only to then enter nothing or engage in conversations that took place in the castle. Both contribute to the resolution of the story while frightening the player.

2 suffocated

The award-winning survival thriller suffocated, takes the use of sound to the next level as players must allow sound to become their sight. Players must use echolocation to explore a dark, blind world while avoiding the monsters within.

However, making a sound in order to see can also be incredibly dangerous. This can be done by throwing an object, or even by speaking through a microphone in real life, which then causes the monster to chase down the source of the noise.

1 perception

Similar to the story of suffocated, perception follows the life of Cassie, a blind woman who must use echolocation to explore the world around her. She has experienced nightmares for which there is no explanation. Cassie must explore a mansion to uncover its secrets and uncover her mysterious visions.

Through the sounds of Cassie’s footsteps, dripping water or even the chiming of a grandfather clock, the player is briefly revealed to the mansion’s surroundings, showing the detailed world they roam and the horrors that lurk there too.

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