Horizon Forbidden West’s skill system calls for Transmog in the game

After some teasing trailers, delays, and periods of uncomfortable silence for the station, the launch of Guerrilla Games’ Forbidden Horizon in the West finally started showing up. While there is no confirmation that the game has turned to gold and will make it Release date February 18 However, the news that the highly anticipated PS5 and PS4 sequels have already charted in Australia suggests that things are currently on track for that to happen soon. Unsurprisingly considering the moving timeline, Sony recently started rolling out a promotional marketing campaign for Aloy’s next adventure.


In addition to the recently announced ‘GAIA Podcast’ guerrilla game, which has so far explored topics such as Horizon world of universes and rich lore, the studio has also lifted the curtain on the game through a number of blog and social media posts. Fans have then had a lot of content pouring in in recent weeks, with details regarding Forbidden Horizon in the West‘NS Expanding the skill system and cosmetics is probably one of the most focused topics. Considering the obvious RPG mechanics being built and expanded in the game, it’s starting to become clear that a transformation feature would not only be ideal, but the actual game is calling for one.

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Horizon .’s extensive skill system

Aloy wears Banuk armor and crouched in Frozen Wilds in Horizon Zero Dawn

From the first reveal trailer to Forbidden Horizon in the West, obviously how much Guerrilla Games determined to expand building on the formula it established in 2017. One of the areas where it was particularly developed is the skill system that remains at the core of Aloy’s capabilities. In Horizon Zero Dawn, what’s on offer is pretty rudimentary to say the least, since a simple four-way skill tree is backed up with perks specific to occasional skins and lootable mods for weapons and equipment. For the upcoming sequel, skills and perks will not only be tied more often to specific skins and items, but there will seem to be more variety and depth to them in general. . The fact that weapons and clothing will also actually be upgradable, a departure from the simple color grading levels found in the original game, suggests that players will have more to experiment with.

In many ways, developments like these mean Forbidden Horizon in the West is shaping up to be a more fully featured action RPG than the first game in the series. The ability to transform costumes and weapons in games with similar mechanics or RPG-esque features, like Bungie’s first person Life series typically go hand-in-hand with these types of game mechanics, for example. Allowing players to change the look of their armor and weapons as they explore the full depth of the intrinsically linked skill and gear system, so it would be a relatively natural thing for players to expect wait.

During release Forbidden Horizon in the West, The guerrilla game talked for a long time about the desire to give players more options when it comes to topics like exploration and combat. For example, the studio’s lead combat designer, Dennis Zopfi, spoke on the PlayStation Blog about how the idea of ​​freestyle is one of the paramount design philosophies brought into the game. Therefore, the transformation associated with skills and equipment will be the ultimate realization of this in the area of ​​character customization. If there are more skills, that’s why players will also find ways to change their version of Aloy more often. Cultivating a sense of continuity through the ability to keep the look they’ve decided they like, while the process is still going on, can satisfy a lot of people.

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Potential Benefits of Transmogrification

Forbidden horizon western settlements

Whenever transmog systems appear in video game franchises, especially those that focus on RPGs that can take up to 40 hours to complete, they are then often praised by fans for the fact that they allow them to access the immersive side of the experience. One such example of this, which happens to be a contemporary genre with Horizon, is by Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed series. After the feature is add Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, fans frequently request its return in Valhalla, when it wasn’t available at launch. It is possible to change the visual identity of specific equipment while keeping improved stats and skills, as is the case Forbidden Horizon in the West, will add an extra layer of privacy and ownership to what is sure to be an expansive experience.

While there is no doubt that Aloy established himself As one of the best characters in the recent history of PlayStation, it is interesting that her numerous subsequent appearances in the media and games are tied together to highlight these series. the clothes she wears Zero Dawnbusiness hours. Although late-game clothing players can find special perks in the game, Aloy’s appearance in Fortnite, The Genshin effect, and even her transformation into Funko Pops is mostly overlooked for potentially iconic outfits. This speaks volumes about the attachment a player can build to the early game during their adventure, which adds to the feeling that the toggle feature would be the ideal companion for the game. Upcoming expansion skill system.

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Horizon Lore’s justification

Screenshot of the forbidden west trailer trailer

From a lore point of view, a lot of the hard work is required to make a transmog system feel at home in the world of Horizon was made. Despite the tribal nature of the humans who inhabit the post-apocalyptic landscape of Forbidden Horizon in the West, the presence of high-tech customizable robots suggests that taking traits from one suit or weapon and transferring it to another, shouldn’t be too difficult for a person familiar with the world as Aloy is. Considering the dinosaur-like machines that can spit fire from their mouths in this universe, taking a piece of technology and sewing it into fabric doesn’t seem to be all that challenging.

Mechanically, Guerrilla Games also has the ability to set up a place for the player to do this maintenance. The new workbench stations that allow players to upgrade their weapons and armor in the sequel will be an ideal venue for Aloy to tinker with his loader and gear. In addition, specific specialist providers can also be created and spread Forbidden Horizon in the Westthe map of as well as taking care of the transformation, a move that is sure to help make the game’s expansive world even more.

Forbidden Horizon in the West released on February 18, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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Prohibited Horizon West Cross Gene Version
Horizon Forbidden West should double on its RPG elements

Horizon Forbidden West needs to double down on implementing more RPG elements to deliver a richer experience than the first game.

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