Horizon Forbidden West Nerfing Aloy’s Shield Weaver Armor

Forbidden Horizon in the West It’s only a few weeks away, and in the run-up to the game’s launch, it’s important to remember how Aloy has gotten to this point. The Shield-Weaver armor is one of the best unlocks of the first game and as such, Guerrilla Games is reducing its buffs for Forbidden Horizon in the West.

In Horizon Zero DawnEarly in the game, the player will stumble across a long-abandoned laboratory containing Shield-Weaver Armor locked behind many doors. After finding five power tiles spread across the game world, the player can return to the lab, solve some simple puzzles, and retrieve the completely broken piece of equipment. Wearing armor keeps Aloy in a rechargeable force field, blocking incoming damage at the cost of not being able to modify it. Players may have noticed the Shield-Weaver Armor already in Forbidden Horizon in the WestBrochure’s, appearing in many trailers to date.


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As spotted by PushSquare, Aloy’s Shield-Weaver armor has been nerfed quite a bit in Forbidden Horizon in the West. In one extended preview of Forbidden Horizon in the West by IGN discussing the game’s systems, especially those related to Aloy’s new gear and skins, fans can see a menu screen for what was formerly Shield-Weaver armor . Now known simply as the Nora Anointed skin, the description says it is a “beautiful suit of armor made with alternative technology from an ancient laboratory”. Instead of abandoning the armor after losing its energy source, Aloy continued to save it and enhanced his ranged combat abilities.

aloy nora anointed horizon forbid the west

Forbidden Horizon in the West taking a new approach to costumes compare to Horizon Zero Dawn. In the first game, the skin simply changed Aloy’s defense against certain types of damage, with some other enhancements like increased stealth or passive healing.

This time, the outfit is combined with Forbidden Horizon in the WestThe skill system of each skin provides specific improvements to Aloy’s abilities rather than just general resistance improvements. Players will notice in this image that upgrading the Nora Anointed outfit to the first level increases Aloy’s resistance in general, which makes sense, this is possibly the most basic armor in the game .

It may disappoint some people in the middle six months Horizon Zero Dawn and Western Forbidden Shield-Weaver armor has lost its power. At the same time, it’s also pretty neat to see Guerrilla Games directly contextualize what happened to the armor in the sequel’s story.

One problem with sequels in general is the frequent forced blackouts that lead from one game to the next; if Aloy still has the damaged Shield-Weaver armor from the first game, she should wear it in the sequel. Guerrilla Games completely eliminates that issue here, leaving Aloy theoretically getting the armor in the first game, but in the sequel it simply doesn’t work anymore.

Horizon: Forbidden West launches on February 18, 2022, on PS4 and PS5.

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The source: PushSquare

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