Horizon Forbidden West Finale Explained: Story Vandals, Character Deaths, and Final Bosses

Forbidden Horizon in the West is now out, giving players a whole new area to explore as Aloy, a female hunter with ties to the Old World. For those who want to know the story without actually playing the game, including which characters die and who the final boss is, as well as the ending explained, this article is for you. For others who want to avoid spoilers, don’t scroll down.

west end forbidden horizon interpretation

Horizon Forbidden West Ending Explained

west end forbidden horizon interpretation

At the end of Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy and her companions successfully defeated the Zenith threat. Zenith was defeated by a combination of Sylens’ shield-breaking weapon and Beta that infected Hephaestus into Zenith’s printer. Unfortunately, this frees Hephaestus, which means it will likely return to Cauldron and create more hostile machines (in the Horizon sequel, for sure).

After defeating Erik and making his way to the top of the Zenith base, Aloy booked the Free Beta. Beta then infiltrated the Zenith network and discovered files describing a world-ending threat called “Nemesis”. It turns out that Zenith was merely visiting Earth to get GAIA, before escaping to a random star in hopes of finally escaping Nemesis.

Nemesis is an AI built to immortalize the minds of Far Zenith travelers. However, after becoming sentient, Nemesis used Far Zenith’s knowledge against them. After being trapped for many years, it became angry and determined to wipe out humanity. It was discovered that Nemesis was what sent out the initial signal that activated Hades during the events of the first game.

While Aloy learned the truth, Zenith’s final threat, Gerard, was dispatched by Tilda. Realizing that Aloy knows about Nemesis, Tilda tries to convince her to board the space shuttle Zenith to escape with GAIA. However, Aloy refuses and Tilda becomes hostile.

Tilda loves Elizabeth more than Aloy “could know” and is determined to get Aloy, who has been described as “the best version” of Elizabet, on the shuttle by any means necessary. This leads to them fighting.

Aloy kills Tilda, but Nemesis’ threat remains. Sylens appears and suggests that he and Aloy escape from Earth to escape the oncoming Nemesis threat, but Aloy refuses. Instead of leaving Earth alone, Sylens remained “in the present moment”, after seeing Aloy celebrate victory with his companions.

The game ends with Aloy sending her companions to spread the word about the Nemesis threat.

Who died in Horizon Forbidden West?

west end forbidden horizon interpretation

The biggest character death in Horizon Forbidden West is Varl. Erik kills him while Beta and Aloy are working to capture Hephaestus. He is buried outside the Base.

The other major character deaths are the enemy Zenith. Tilda, Gerard, and Erik and the three main people died.

Regalla also dies, either during the battle with Aloy or at the end of the game in the final battle.

Sylens, Erend, Zo and Alva don’t die in Horizon Forbidden West.

Who is the final boss in Horizon Forbidden West?

west end forbidden horizon interpretation

The final boss in Horizon Forbidden West is Tilda, played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

Despite falling in love with Elizabet, her feelings make her desperate to bring Aloy aboard Zenith’s escape ship. This causes them to fight.

Even though her shield is disabled, Tilda still wields Sentinel Prime, a massive giant beast that proves very dangerous in battle.

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https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/702403-horizon-forbidden-west-ending-explained-story-spoilers-who-dies-final-boss-nemesis Horizon Forbidden West Finale Explained: Story Vandals, Character Deaths, and Final Bosses


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