Homosexual fans have trolled Rick Ross to change his album cover for ‘Richer Than I Ever Been?

Rick Ross is ready for a new era.

The 45-year-old rapper reported last month that he would be releasing his 11th studio album, Richer than I used to be, on December 10. Accompanying the announcement was a striking photograph of Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) wearing a pastel pink felt hat and a crisp white cape with a studded brooch. Diamonds are pinned on the chest. His face is hidden behind white leather driving gloves, with a sparkly ring the size of an AirPod case on his little finger.

It’s a stunning shot and marks a brighter, more artistic approach than Ross typically takes with his promotional images. Many of his previous albums have had dark and moody covers, in which Ross presents himself as a stoic figure, eyes always shielded by sunglasses.

But it didn’t take long for the scammers to have fun, joking that Ross’s outfit on the new cover looked more like an Easter Sunday church-going grandmother than a portrait of a successful rapper. labour. Some compared him to Queen Elizabeth, and others slurred well-hidden homophobic slurs, calling him a “material girl” and claiming that they mistook Ross for Big Freedia, a gender-bending rapper..

If Ross has any qualms about the nagging teases about the image, he seems to have ignored it with the release of his single “OUTLAWZ” last month. The track is accompanied by another classy shot from the same photo shoot, but with a slightly different angle — Ross’ hands are in the photo, almost as if he’s praying.

Photographer Jonathan Mannion credited the shoot, writing how emotional he felt working with Ross for the fifth time and dismissing negative comments.

Mannion wrote in an Instagram comment: “We have overwhelmed many people with this image. “Let’s stay in that rare fresh air and let them come see us if they can.”

But on Monday, just a few days before the album’s scheduled release, Ross revealed the clear official information. Richer than I used to be cover — a stark difference from the previous image he shared. This photo resembles the artwork from his previous albums, with Ross leaning to one side against a dark background, his head tilted down with blue tinted aviator glasses covering his eyes.

It’s not clear if Ross intended it all to make the most recent image the actual cover, or if his team swapped out the new photo following a flurry of negative comments. (The Daily Beast has reached out to Ross and his studio for comment.)

However, a wave of fans have acknowledged bullying Ross to change his cover photo, raising the question: Do rappers seem so fragile masculinity that they can be destroyed by inhumans? good cottage reputation?

That wouldn’t come as a shock, considering hip-hop’s misperception of masculinity and its bleak history of homophobia – something Lil Nas X was quoted when he became gay after his breakout song “Old Town Road” in 2019. To be considered a “real man,” rappers were required that they dress, look, and speak according to that section. Any sign of weakness or vulnerability risks making you an outcast. A $AP Ferg, for example, once said to be considered “difficult” in the Black community seething with the clothes you wear, and recall when members of the A$AP group came to Harlem, people called them “eccentrics” and “gay” for wearing only skinny jeans.

There are a number of people in the hip-hop community who are slowly helping to dispel those perceptions, including Young Thug, who wore a ruffled blue dress on the cover of his 2016 mixtape. Jefferyand Kid Cudi, who wore a dress during the show on Saturday night live.

“It wouldn’t come as a shock, considering hip-hop’s misperception of masculinity and its bleak history of homophobia…”

“You’ve got so much confidence in your skin that you’re wearing a damn dress but still maintaining your status as a person — a real,” TI said while praising Young Thug during a recording of his podcast in 2020.

All artists, including rappers, must have the same freedom as any other musician to express their image as they mature and develop. And ‘evolution’ certainly seems to be the focus of Ross’ Richer Than I Was. As the name of his new album makes clear, Ross no longer considers himself the “new money-hungry” type of rich. Instead, his wealth and status are now whispering, and his priorities have shifted, as he explained to Questlove in a recent conversation about Interview.

“We are definitely stronger than ever, both mentally and financially,” Ross said. “After taking time for myself during the pandemic, it convinced me that it was definitely the headline.”

He continued, “The time I really spend with myself is when I feel the richest. That’s when I felt, ‘Yo, you are the most valuable.’ These moments are priceless. What makes you feel rich? What is wealth? I’m on the couch with my kids in my lap. That I feel the richest I can feel. No doubt we get big bags, but that’s a place higher than that. It’s not even about the money, it’s something else out there. “

Ross seems to have captured that new mindset in the album’s teaser image, where he ditches his golden chains for something more subdued and subtle — a Jay-Z- more esque to his image. The album’s tracklist also speaks to his new era, with winning track titles like “The Pulitzer,” “Made It Out Alive” and “Rapper Estates.”

“Really, I feel like this is the best album I’ve ever made,” said Ross say back in september. “I feel like some of the things I’m saying on this album are going to really separate it from other things.”

The original cover art certainly succeeded in separating Ross’ latest project from his previous ones, so it would be a shame if he took those mocking comments into consideration when deciding on the album cover. .

And if Ross needs any confirmation to stick with his creative vision for the future, some fans have complained that they prefer the old cover.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/did-homophobic-fans-troll-rick-ross-into-changing-his-album-cover-for-richer-than-i-ever-been?source=articles&via=rss Homosexual fans have trolled Rick Ross to change his album cover for ‘Richer Than I Ever Been?


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