History of the minute people

Minutemen are a major faction in Fallout 4 and is the first to be introduced in the main quest. However, player interactions and quest with faction Not exactly something worth exploring when it comes to the Minutemen’s actual history and complicated political past. For them there is more to it than just helping people and forming relationships with settlements.

By the time the player meets the inner side Fallout 4, most of the leader and members are dead. Preston Garvey is all that remains of the leadership before the protagonist can join the party. This is in the year 2287, a hundred years after the Minutemen really rose to prominence in the Commonwealth.


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The Minutemen 100 years before the fall 4

Split image of Castle and Minutemen Flag.

Minutemen first became a big deal in 2180, when they protected Diamond City against a massive attack of super mutants. After winning the active interest and trust of the people of the Commonwealth for the next 50 years, they allied with settlements in the area and attempted to form a provisional government in the 2230s. .

The Institute will participate in this government, as they have not yet completely closed themselves to the surface. However, they decided to withdraw. This resulted in the CPG Massacre Incident, with a large portion killing all settlement representatives. This ended any future attempts to organize a United Commonwealth and began to fuel fear about the Institute.

It is unknown how long the Minutemen used Fort Independence as their base in Boston. They renamed it Castle, and used it as their base and armory until 2240, when a mirelurk queen destroyed parts of the landmark. This killed their general at the time, General McGann, as he was trapped in the attack and died alone with only alcohol to drink.

Another champion in their history is Joe Becker, who came many years after McGann and the demise of Castle. How he died is unknown, but it was on or before 2282. He is described as a good leader and his death was before the final downfall and skirmishes with faction. His successor was never chosen, as no one could agree on who would replace him. The loss of a leader without a replacement led some Minutemen to leave the faction altogether, while others began to infighting. People like James Wire have even gone from a Minuteman to a Raider. However, the Minutemen do not stop helping people and responding to any request for aid.

The Quincy Incident

Quincy of the day.

When the Quincy Incident occurred, a group of Minutemen (which includes Preston) under the leadership of Ezra Hollis. Hollis is in charge of one of the last active Minutemen detachments in the Commonwealth, and they come to Quincy in response to repelling the Gunners attacking the town. Quincy’s mayor, Jackson, gave the Minutemen permission to use his house as a barracks for defense against the Gunners.

The Gunners were quite strong, so Hollis approached the few Other Minutemen left for help, but they did not respond due to political infighting. Things turned in favor of the Gunners when 10-year Minuteman veteran, Clint, defected and joined the Gunners. The Gunners awarded him a rank of lieutenant, and he led the second assault on the town.

Clint personally captured Hollis and killed him in front of the Gunners to prove his loyalty. In the end, Hollis was loyal to the Minutemen, never giving up when Quincy fell. Preston takes whatever survives under his protection and escapes from Quincy. Clint sent the Gunners after them, and the number of survivors dwindled as they were slain by wild ghosts before reaching the Museum of Freedom. There were rumors that the Minutemen had failed to protect Quincy and this caused much of the Commonwealth to lose faith in the organization.

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