History of Misty in Anime

NS Pokemon Franchise is one of the most profitable media properties in history. Video games are what started it all, but a major reason for the series’ success, especially during the peak of its popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s, was the anime itself. . Although it was only a loose adaptation of the game, it proved to be very successful and was a key player in “Pokemania” along with merchandise. Even those responsible for giving Pokemon in the West recognized the value of anime, as its North American premiere coincided with its release Red and Blue.

The program is also partly responsible for shaping the public’s perception of Pokemonthe identity of, from the way the creatures of the same name communicate to the personalities of the characters, and even the original Pokemon soundtrack synonymous with franchising. The show’s decision to cast the original game’s two main Gym Leaders protagonists was particularly impactful. The water specialist, Misty, may have left the main gang after five seasons, but her legacy remains intact to this day.


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Original line

Pokemon Original Series Ash Misty and Brock

In Red Pokemon and Blue, Misty has a very limited role. She is the second Gym Leader and specializes in Water-type Pokemon, but she does not appear or after the battle with her boss. Despite her simple role in the games, the anime has dramatically changed her personality. Unlike Brock, Misty is not introduced in her hometown, but instead in the first episode. She is still a Water-type expert, and begins with her in-game group Staryu and Starmie, in addition to a Goldeen.

What’s unique about this version of Misty is her disdain for Bugs, just as strong as she is. stubborn love for Waters. Despite her passionate relationships with specific Pokemon, she doesn’t appear to be a professional trainer and is said to have less experience than Ash. When the group finally reaches Cerulean City, it is revealed that Misty is not a Gym Leader. Instead, her three older sisters manage the Cerulean Gymnasium. Misty still challenges Ash to a battle, which is her first time fighting as a Gym Leader.

For the rest of Kanto and Johto, Misty will be a tomboy shield for both Ash and the fiendish Brock. She often argues with her ex for petty reasons and repeatedly says that she only traveled with him because his Pikachu ruined her bike. She also introduces the trick to pull Brock away from women he’s attracted to. Over time, she becomes less feisty, especially due to adopting a newly hatched Togepi and catching several other Pokemon in the process. She will stay with her friends until the end of the Johto story, and sad and happy at the same time Pokemon episode where she broke up with Brock and Ash is still remembered by older fans to this day.

Third generation

Pokemon Generation 3 Anime Misty Release Togetic

Although she was replaced by May as a companion in the Hoenn saga, Misty is far from forgotten. After being mentioned directly by Ash in one episode, she came back for a short while. In these episodes, Misty’s character is far from the amateurish, neurotic look she had in the early episodes, highlighting her growth. Her relationship with Ash and Brock is less toxic, she sticks with Max because of their shared status as the youngest sibling in each family, and she remains the official Cerulean City Gym Leader. Most notably, she becomes confident and skilled enough as a Trainer to tame Gyarados, which was once the exception to her policy of worshiping Water-type Pokemon.

To add a punch to the status quo, Misty’s Togepi – one of the most popular and iconic Pokemon in anime – has not only evolved, but was released to protect other Togepi in the region. This moment is particularly poignant for a number of reasons. It represents the end of the Misty era as a trainer, and the anime is a story. Misty and Togepi is a very important duo. Togepi is one of the longest-lasting Pokemon in its Trainer’s party. It is one of the few Pokemon that was never in a Poke Ball, and its mere presence kicked off Misty’s personality development. Having Togepi not only evolve, but parting with Misty is like evolving Ash’s Pikachu or Team Rocket’s Meowth and watching them leave the Trainers needed for their personalities. In a way, what the Hoenn anime did was a bold move.

A nostalgic guest

Pokemon Anime Misty and Brock visit Ash in Alola

When Pokemon Sun and Moon tweaked, a lot has been changed to rock the formula, including the art style and animation. However, that doesn’t stop the anime from offering nostalgic fan service to appeal to older audiences who may have stopped watching the show. After years of absence, both Misty and Brock are back In a few episodes, all of them don their original outfits for an extra layer of familiarity.

By the time she met Ash in Alola, Misty had eliminated most, if not all, of her negative traits – including her notorious temper. Her “arguments” with Ash and Brock are clearly friendly jokes without any ill intent. Her Gyarados has become her signature Pokemon, to the point where it has the ability to Mega Evolve. Her most impressive feat in this story is finally being able to control her Psyduck temper after decades of audiences watching her try to train it properly. Although she doesn’t stay in Alola for many episodes, her guest appearances in NS Sun and Moon cartoon satisfied for reasons other than nostalgia. Misty has gone from being a relatively inexperienced person Pokemon The hot-tempered and complex trainer about being in the shadows of her sisters turns into a fully confident Water team expert who has conquered one of her biggest fears and major flaws. her best.

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