History of Limsa Lominsa

Limsa Lominsa is one of the starting cities in Final Fantasy 14, one was built by the sea and served as a major port of Eorzea. Most players think about Limas Lominsa is a city that is easy to get lost in and a place where it is difficult to understand NPCs in their dense dialect. However, the city is much more than that, especially in terms of legend and history.

Limsa Lominsa founders hail from Roegadyn’s hometown, the island of Aerslaent. It was in the year 874 during the sixth Age of Spirit World, with a crew aboard a ship called the Galadion. This Sea Wolves crew had to set sail after a failed coup against a tyrant. It was from here that the first steps to the establishment of Limsa Lominsa were taken.


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The birth of Limsa Lominsa

Art Game Limsa Lominsa.

On their journey, with Galadion commanded by Admiral Elilwaen, the Sea Wolves saved a group of Elezen adventurers from being shipwrecked during a storm. Thanks for the rescue, Elezens told the crew of a safe place where they would be safe from the tyrannical king they were trying to escape. This safe place is an island far to the south. After the journey to this southern island, the delegation determined that the land was fertile and worth building. They built a small village and called it La Noscea.

This small village did not last long, as the crew had to abandon it when attacked by koalas. They returned to their ship, the Galadion, and determined that they could not build inland for fear of being attacked by the enemy. beast tribe. So instead of building outside, the crews built above in the bay. This has created the unique buildings and decks of Limsa Lominsa that players can easily get lost.

However, the Lominsan people never gave up on expanding their land. They established small villages that constantly fought against the koalas. Admiral Elilwaen became Limsa Lominsa’s first admiral but died in 902 which many consider Lung Rot. According to Elilwaen’s will, he named his next admiral Tragghyr the Cold.

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The rise of piracy

Port of Limsa Lominsa.

Many refugees suffering from poverty have come to live in Limsa Lominsa. Since most of the citizens were skilled sailors, they had to resort to pirates to survive. In 908, Moraby Drydocks was founded and more ships were built. The proliferation of ships made piracy against merchant ships common. When the merchants tried to retaliate with armed escorts, the pirates would regroup into stronger groups. With these larger groups, there was more competition and infighting among the pirates.

The bloody pirate feud eventually became so serious that a sitting city-state Admiral was assassinated. This appointed Admiral Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn as the new leader. To try to settle the infighting, Agatzahr brought the most powerful pirates into a bargain. After three years, the groups finally negotiated an end to the infighting and created a code of conduct stating that no crew could pillage or plunder Lominsan’s fellows. Code that was executed by a group rogues are called the Straight Thieves.

This newly formed unity strengthened Limsa Lominsa in expanding on land, defeating more kobolds and building settlements. The territorial wars ended for some time in the 970s, and the Lominsans allowed the beastkin tribe to keep their sacred peak, Mount O’Ghomoro. Lominsa was not only stronger, but also much richer and more diverse. Plainsfolk Lalafell, Hyur Midlanders and Miqo’te Seekers of the Sun began to filter the population for the freedom, wealth of Lominsa and the pirate gangs.

The Golden Ages

Limsa Lominsa Center.

In the year 991, Admiral Agatzahr created the Trident, a race between pirates that would choose future admirals. This is to prevent future power wars. The golden era of pirates began when the pirates began to raid The merchant ship Ul’dahn full of wealth. In 1221, a masked pirate named Mycharde Mistbeard was named the pirate king. It is rumored that he died in 1249, but his mask reappeared later in 1251. This makes one think he is dead but the pirate reappears so repeatedly that Lominsans believed he was immortal.

In 1497, a Lominsan explorer discovered a new continent and named it “New World.” This began the Second Golden Age for the city-state, rooted in discovery. When the adventurer, Ketenramm the Blue, returned from the New World with many goods, many of Lominsan’s people then traveled to the New World in search of adventure and riches.

It was during this time that the future and current Admiral of Limsa Lominsa was born, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. She is the daughter of the pirate captain, League of Last Bastards. When she found out her father was make transactions with sahagin, she challenged him to a one-on-one fight and killed him. This made her the new captain, and she took her crew to the New World and had a very successful expedition.

Towards and Enters the Seventh Umbral Era

Limsa Lominsa at night.

In 1562, guided by an Ascian named Tavanchet, Commodore of the Knights Barracuda assassinated Admiral Limsa Lominsa. Merlwyb then won the trident with his crew and became the new Admiral. Because of the threat of the Garlean Empire On their doorstep and union needs, Merlwyb signed a legislature banning piracy. Her decision was not popular, as it was a major blow to the economy and several Lominsans tried but failed to assassinate her.

Under Merlwyb’s leadership, she restructured the Thieves into Rogues’ Guild. She used the Company of Heroes to subdue the beast tribes in their summoning primates like Leviathan and Titan. The defeat of the primates delighted the commoners with Merlwyb’s leadership. Not long after Imperial Legon marched into Eorzea, Merlwyb founded the Maelstrom Grand Company.

With the other city-states allied, Merlwyb and many of her men were on the front lines when the Seventh Umbral Catastrophe struck. Their army retreated like Bahamut has been released, but Limsa Lominsa suffered a tidal wave caused by the primordial. This has caused many civilians to drown, and the bay is a graveyard.

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