History of game-breaking glitches and exploits

Bungie’s Multiplayer First Person Shooter Fate 2 and its subsequent expansions proved to be just as popular as its predecessors. The gameplay, customizability, and emphasis on exploration have all been lauded by both critics and players alike, and it’s the second-highest-grossing console game of 2017. That doesn’t mean it, however. Fate 2 its no problem.

Since its launch, it was initially a pay-to-play game in 2017 and then switched to free-to-play with its launch on Stadia in 2019, Fate 2 was facing a slew of bugs, game-breaking glitches, and unlikely exploits. These things happened both in the base game as well as post-launch content and events, and issues prevented some gamers from playing the game. But some exploits have also allowed players to take advantage of loot drops and other useful examples of randomness, creating a complicated relationship between all of the game’s elements of surprise. .


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Repeat glitches & nasty bugs

Fate 2 protocol escalation thrall sword of crota hive mars warmind dlc

Thanks to its vast scope and MMO premise, Fate 2 no stranger to glitches. Larger games, especially those with massive online potential or exclusives as World of Warcraft, are more likely to face problems. They can be merely graphical and easier to type, or they can be game-breaking glitches that cause players to curse their screen and tap the restart button.

Since its release, Fate 2 experienced some glitches and bugs both big and small. These can sometimes be humorous and exploited to randomize the gameplay. and sometimes they can be much more serious and cannot be ignored. Some glitches even recurred throughout the game’s lifecycle, although Bungie worked to fix them as soon as they first appeared. Bungie has even named some of their glitches with a humorous nod to the Animal Kingdom, like Weasel error code, which occurs when the Cross-Save feature is enabled on a player’ Fate 2 and they try to login to multiple platforms concurrently.

Example of Player Exploitation

Some exploits may help rather than hinder the player. An example of this is the ability to casually add 12 Guardians to things like raids, dungeons, and Strike, originally designed for (and supposedly limited to) 6 players. While the mining process is pretty straightforward, the chaos that follows is anything but. Players enjoyed the chance to get more of their friends involved in various activities, and even suggested that Bungie make 12-person raids become a recurring event. However, by March 2021, Bungie has officially fixed this issue.

The trails of Osiris, a Crucible event available in both Life and Fate 2, providing players with another interesting way of mining. Some loot drops are considered hard-won and exclusive rewards, but players can figure out how to farm loot like hunting weapons and other coveted items. However, this only worked on PC due to Steam mining and was quickly discovered by the tracking PvP stats, as more players than expected remained “perfect” despite the drop in player count. Other exploits are also harmless, such as the sudden power boost on the Prometheus Lens tracking rifle that resulted in players engaging in a “laser tag” weekend in Crucible as they flocked to try it out. powerful weapon. Likewise, Bungie was quick to correct this unintentional result.

A series of post-launch problems continued to occur

Osiris's Trial of Fate 2

This year Season of the Lost is another example of glitch gaming for Fate 2. This is the third major update in the fourth year since the game was released. Seasons have new events, weapons, and activities to do, but along with all the exciting new content comes a huge amount of brand new bugs. Again, however, Bungie was quick to provide a fix for most issues as soon as they were flagged, but that still came too late for many players.

From the above UI issues Mod Elemental Well in order for Ager’s catalyst to falsely report completion when it was only at 90%, the update brought in a lot of nasty new glitches. Bungie has been pretty good at patching and fixing these issues so far, but the fact that they keep popping up has annoyed many players and loyal fans alike. Weapons are too strong, the ability to save “killing” moves to take down bosses after quick melee attacks, and the owners of Coin Flip’s weird emojis can be invisible a lot of fun and add to the unpredictability of the game, but they also mean that some players are grotesquely superior. With an MMO with a PvP mode, this takes away from an equal and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Game-breaking incident that players can’t ignore

fate 2 master nightfall 750 power

An example of a recent incident that was severe enough that players found exploiting it would likely banned by Bungie. Although it has only recently been noticed by many players, it has been used by a small group for many months. The glitch allows players to reward themselves with infinite orbs and extends the countdown to give players more time to deal damage in boss battles and PvP duels. A community manager at Bungie announced on Twitter that players caught using this min/max glitch will face “escalating restrictions”, outlining the seriousness of the issue. Developers. Other similar serious glitches sabotage gameplay rife throughout Fate 2Post-launch career, like a glitch showing battle damage to the Tower before the battle, serves as a trailer for future content.

There are still active exploits among these much more annoying examples, like infinitely heavy ammo or the glitch where the player created a single Super that lasted more than two hours – an admirable feat and Extremely useful for a power that only means short bursts based on the player’s consumption of super energy. However, pairing these unusual and unplanned exploits in the midst of much more serious and difficult glitches doesn’t offset the anger that players feel right when they encounter a design flaw. unexpected. Players will definitely be interested in seeing if February 2022 has Witch Queen expansion will also come with a new wave of bugs.

Fate 2 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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