Hire an iOS Developer: The Complete Guide

Hiring an iOS developer in 2020 is a difficult undertaking. iPhone consumers are notorious for spending more money online on paid applications, premium services, or non-digital items, despite current market share numbers showing just 20.38 percent for Apple mobile devices.

According to data from numerous countries, iOS is the most popular mobile operating system in North America and Europe. Apple’s iOS is the best option if you’re hoping to make a lot of money by catering to affluent smartphone consumers.

There are a number of technical arguments in favor of iOS development as well. Building an app for iOS takes less time and money because of the more standardized platform than for Android. In addition, since there are fewer Apple mobile device varieties, amazing UI and UX designs for iOS applications may be more easily created.

What is the best way to locate app developers for hire? The greatest experts are hard to find, so it’s important to know how to keep them around. Make sure you know what level of expertise is required for your project and how to spot a top-notch developer.

In the event that you’ve made a decision on a platform, it’s time to discover more about the numerous professional levels of iOS developers and the essential skills they should have regardless. When examining the profiles of potential employees, you should keep the following things in mind:

1. Knowledge in a variety of subject areas and practical experience

The prize is yours if you hire iOS developers with the necessary expertise. Working on similar-sized projects, in your industry, or on the same sort of product like the one you’ll be creating counts as experience in many cases.

A professional iOS developer may be classified as either a Junior, Middle, or Senior. Additionally, the amount of years that an individual has worked in their field makes a significant impact on their grade.

Additionally, the quantity of projects, their complexity, and the growth of iOS developers’ skill sets should be taken into account.

Remote iOS developers may need a certain level of knowledge to be effective on your project. In order to be considered an expert, one must have worked on projects of a certain sort (such as eBanking or health care) or performed complex technological tasks (such as the integration of AI algorithms) over their career.

2. Portfolio

You can get a sense of a candidate’s true abilities by looking at their portfolio. During the interview, learn about the roles and responsibilities of your prospective iOS developer’s most recent three projects, as well as their preferred working style and personal technological successes.

Remember that you may also check out the candidate’s applications on your iPhone or look for evaluations of their work on the Internet.

3. Soft skills, such as communication and interpersonal relations

You can be guaranteed success if you find iOS engineers with comparable cultural origins, beliefs, and work ethics. You may minimize managerial misconceptions and speed up the development process by using this method.

When it comes a candidate’s soft skills, they include their ability to operate in a team, be courteous to and open-minded to colleagues, be proactive and overcome problems. According to 2019 data, good soft skills are more often than not used to choose iPhone app developers for hire.

Grades for an iOS App Developer

No matter what sort of software engineer you are, your app developer grades are the same. iOS developers are classified as junior, middle, or senior based on the number of years of experience they have, the depth of their knowledge base, and the variety and complexity of the jobs they have completed. Hourly charges for iOS developers of varying levels are based on their level of expertise.

  • Junior – under two years of experience.

It’s customary for junior iPhone app developers to report to a senior member of the team and begin by working on smaller, simpler projects. In a year or fewer, these personnel should be promoted to the position of Mid-level specialist.

If you have one or more advanced-level tech engineers on your team, and you have a lot of monotonous work to clear up, you should consider recruiting a junior employee. That’s a cost-effective strategy.

  • Middle – experience ranging from two to five years is acceptable.

Work on both easy and complex problems with iOS developers. However, advanced task progress audits are usually recommended for this sort of professional.

Despite the fact that mid-level developers are capable of working on a project on their own, you may give them more advanced responsibilities and even ask them to supervise a team of junior developers.

  • Senior – more than five years’ worth of expertise.

Hire Senior-level iPhone developers to handle the most difficult problems or oversee the whole development team. A senior’s abilities might be a wide range of things.

For example, this individual might handle product testing, manage business processes utilized in the tech department, execute API integration, or engage in market research, together with marketing analysts and marketing department workers.

As a senior developer, it is feasible for you to learn how to market and travel often with the sales team.

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