Hilarious Super Mario Odyssey clip shows Harriet mercilessly bombing Mario on a bus bench

Thanks to how technology and games have evolved over the years, games have been able to fix any unsightly glitches and exploits that players have noticed disrupting their experience through updates. Japan. Some of these are logical because they change the way the game is played, as it is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls duplicate glitch, but some are just fun. Super Mario Odyssey especially has left some hiccups over the years.

Mario’s latest 3D adventure sees him traversing the many kingdoms found in his world with the help of Cappy, a ghost possessing his hat who has given him his powers. powerful to capture countless enemies on his journey. Super Mario Odyssey has an almost open-world nature to it and has chosen to design the levels to reward players for thinking outside the box rather than keeping them constrained.


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However, where? Super Mario Odyssey gives players unlimited freedom, which has also resulted in many of the glitches and skips that players have found since the game was released in 2017. Reddit user HectorR_98 shared a video showcasing one of these feats in action. , which features Harriet, one of the bosses, strolling through Toastarena before hurling a bomb at Mario on a bench. The results are hilarious.

Establish Harriet escapes battle with her boss at the top of the pyramid in Sand Kingdom requires activating the “Bubble Clamp” exploit so that Odyssey recognizes that the player has left the boss battle, but does not bring them back immediately. As the player explores the kingdom while Harriet is still at the top of the pyramid, simply collecting the Power Moon will cause the barrier surrounding the boss battle to dissolve, freeing Harriet. However, this does not explain the constant explosion that occurs when she attacks, affectionately referred to as “nuking” by glitch users.

Other fans were amused to witness this exploit in action, saying that the clip was “directed by Michael Bay” of Harriet’s explosion on top. It is also quite curious how Mario was able to be invincible while on the bench and was even forced to sit back on the bench after Harriet’s first attack. Some fans asked what mods were used in the clip, only to be surprised to learn that this glitch is inherent in the game.

To demonstrate that it can be done in-game, HectorR_98 even shared the exact video he followed to fix the problem, uploaded back in 2020. Regardless of the video, however. no matter how old it is, the problem can still be fixed. Super Mario Odyssey By itself, without any tools or mods, means that Nintendo has never bothered to patch it. That might not necessarily be a bad thing, though, since leaving some fun, harmless glitches for speed runners or fans to find never a bad thing in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey Now out for Nintendo Switch.

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