Hilarious Stories of Celebs Getting Way Too High

Grow some top-quality hybrid seeds, and you might end up in a similar position to these high celebrities. Read on for some stupendously funny stories from six stars of the big screen.

6 Stoned Celebrity Stories

Sometimes it’s nice to know that celebrities are still human beings underneath all the glitz, glamor, and occasionally whacky behavior. Below are six funny high stories from superstars who took one toke too many for their own good.

Bill Hader

First up on our list is Bill Hader. Speaking to Seth Meyers in 2015, Hader recounted a hilarious tale from his time filming Trainwreck.

Hader and his colleagues managed to get quite stoned during a cast trip to Amsterdam. Upon leaving a coffee shop, they wandered into the red light district, when things began to get…weird.

The high was too much for Vanessa Bayer, who clung to Hader while frantically looking around like a deer in headlights. Bayer became separated from the group, causing Hader to panic because he was too stoned to find her.

Andrew Garfield

Next on the list of top celebrity pothead stories is Andrew Garfield. In an interview with W magazine, he revealed his mixed feelings about cannabis edibles. 

The Amazing Spider-Man star spilled the beans on his 2012 birthday celebrations when he and his friends took a trip to Disneyland. To enhance their experience, the group (including Emma Stone) scoffed down a batch of weed brownies before entering the surreal theme park.

Once inside, Garfield found his way to the water ride called “It’s a Small World.” As the ride progressed, themes of unity and world peace caused him to “freak out.” Garfield said he couldn’t stop exclaiming, “It is a f—ing small world!”

Despite his freakout, Garfield concluded by saying it was one of the best days of his life.

Kirsten Dunst

Keeping with Spider-Man stars, Kirsten Dunst is another celeb who has opened up on late-night TV about cannabis. 

During a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she spoke about getting accidentally high on the set of 2017’s Woodshock. Dunst told Kimmel about filming a scene multiple times in which she’s smoking “movie pot, which is basically fake.”

Once finished, the stoned celebrity felt like she was losing her mind and began pacing, shaking, and generally flipping out. It transpired that the “movie pot” was real weed, and she had smoked a whole blunt during takes.

Dunst said she was so relieved she didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or eat a peanut butter sandwich. But having never been so stoned, she couldn’t continue filming and was sent home for the day.

Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie has one of the best “celebrities get stoned” stories. He revealed all during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The Marvel star shared that the only time he ever smoked weed, he was chased by a moose in the woods. Mackie elaborated, saying he sparked up during a party in Utah, trying to impress a girl. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t quite work out.

He told Fallon his brain felt frozen, and he tried to leave immediately. As they walked back, Mackie made a beeline for what he thought was a baby horse by the trail.

The baby horse was, in fact, a moose, whose much-larger mother was close by. Mackie’s friends alerted him to the danger, and he ran into the forest, chased by the concerned mommy moose.

After losing his pursuer, Mackie took a quick weed nap beneath a tree. The police found him peacefully snoozing in the woods sometime later, bringing his adventure to a safe conclusion.

Billy Crystal

Emmy award-winning actor Billy Crystal shared one of his high stories with Jimmy Fallon in 2021.

Crystal told Fallon he had recently been experiencing hip pain and scheduled an MRI on his doctor’s advice. This procedure posed a problem for the silver-haired City Slickers star, as he’s highly claustrophobic.

He decided to ease his fears by downing some edible THC gummy bears. Crystal said the store clerk guaranteed two gummies would completely calm his nerves. To be sure, he ended up scoffing down four.

During the MRI, he developed an intense case of the munchies. His weed-fueled hunger prompted Crystal to ask medical staff if they could order him some gumbo or, failing that, french toast with Nutella.

Crystal completed the MRI, but his discharge proved a little trickier. While leaving, he was informed that he was still in his gown. High and still very hungry, Crystal changed into decent clothes and went for a Taco Bell nacho fry box.

Nick Jonas

A cannabis-infused lollipop led this former boyband star to have an interesting awards experience.

Nick Jonas told Jimmy Fallon how he had snacked on an edible the night before presenting the Young Hollywood Awards. Jonas said he felt no effects on the night despite being unaccustomed to cannabis. It was when he woke the following day that problems arose.

Jonas informed Fallon that the world was moving in slow motion when he got up. To shake off the high, the stoned celeb took a shower as voices swirled around in his head.

Although he felt better when he arrived at the ceremony, his ordeal wasn’t over. While having his picture taken on the red carpet, Jonas experienced an unexpected rush of blood to his nether regions.

Pictures show Jonas standing with hands clasped in front of him, attempting to conserve his dignity. Thankfully, Jonas managed to get through the ceremony without issue once inside.

Red Carpet Capers

From Bill Hader’s Amsterdam trip to Nick Jonas’ interesting awards ceremony, these hilarious stories from high celebrities are a joy to read. They show us that no matter how famous you are, some good bud can still knock your socks off.

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