Hilarious Skyrim video shows players launching Braith Bully into the sky

A Skyrim player is taking a stand against bullies, even if they are an all-powerful Dovahkiin and the bully in question is a nasty little girl.


NS Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The fantasy epic of a game is still providing fans with new content, whether it’s through official updates like Anniversary edition of the game or through the almost endless mods made by fans of Skyrim.

Revision Skyrim turns the traditional experience of the game inside out. There are more serious mods, ones that add lore-friendly quests, armor sets and NPCs, and then more ridiculous mods where players can find files to spin Skyrim into the strangest fever dream. When the dragon turns into Thomas the Tank Engine or Macho Man Randy Savage, and Autumn boys Bean can follow the player on an adventure into the homeland of the Nords, Skyrim can really become a place for strange things.


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Among the serious, role-playing mods, and the weird, wacky mods are the ones that are weird in a darker way, like the “Killable Children” mod. While players will certainly earn some weird looks if this mod file is downloaded onto their PC, it could be well worth it to see Braith soar through the air. Not only does the mod remove the children’s invincibility in the original game, it also allows players to use their screams or Thu’um against children. While most of the children in the game are sweet, such as orphans Skyrim players can adopt as their own digital children, Braith was a child that many found unbearable.

Braith is one of many characters Skyrim players have been annoyed since its release. Like her colleague the residents hate Whiterun, Belethor and Nazeem, Braith is just one of the NPCs that seem designed to annoy and antagonize players. While the player can usually get revenge on Belethor and Nazeem by killing them instantly, this is not possible with Braith. However, as one player discovered on Reddit, by using the Force That Never Stop Screaming Against Braith, they were able to send the brat up into the clouds, all for a sizable $40 bonus. yellow.

Many people find Braith irritated by her bullying nature, which she displays to the other children of Whiterun and to the player, however, tossing her into the air as Team Rocket seems to be a bit of a stretch. harsh punishment for some. For those with a mind, Braith should stay on the ground, they simply don’t need to install the mod “Killable Children”. Even without mods, Skyrim can be a wild experience, as one player found out when Bugs see they can fly through the air on a horse.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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