Hilarious Elden Ring clip shows player roleplaying patches in PvP

Since its release in February Elden ring has enjoyed phenomenal popularity and is considered by many to be the best game of the year. FromSoftware’s action role-playing game has been hailed as one of the most challenging video games of all time for its breathtaking combat with more than 150 bosses. Many of them Elden ring Bosses like Malenia – Blade of Miquella, Rennala and Starscourge Radahn each have millions of fans around the world.

Warning: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS.


At the same time, in the game’s PvP mode, players can challenge and compete head-to-head at any time. Players have three choices: direct conflict, invading another player’s world, and cooperative play. In PvP battles, players often employ complex strategies, but their designs often fail, as in the case of Elden ring Player who applied multiple buffs but still fell almost immediately.

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Meanwhile, gamers like Reddit user AnakinSkywalker76 design their avatars after memorable characters Elden Rings Story. AnakinSkywalker76 uploaded a short video showing off their player character to the social media platform Elden ring, which looks exactly like patches. Additionally, the video is essentially a recreation of a famous scene from the Patches quest line where he tricked the player and pushed him off a cliff. Similar to the iconic scene, shiny objects can be seen near a cliff to attract others. Surprisingly, another player named Recusant Yokino fell for this trap and approached the bright things, after which the original poster attacked them. The Recusant instantly fell to their deaths in an almost perfect recreation of the scene from the game.

Of course, the post received widespread recognition from the Reddit community, as evidenced by over 3,500 upvotes and numerous comments. Most users suggested that the Recusant willingly played along with AnakinSkywalker76’s ruse for the scene, despite knowing it would result in her death. Meanwhile, a user named jayp1ay69 pointed out that the original poster should have been used Elden Rings Substitute Ash of War for the regular attack to make it even more relatable.

in the Elden ring, Patches acts as a merchant, NPC, and optional boss. Patches is a recurring character in FromSoftware games who plays the role of a traitor or an imposter. in the Eldenring, SLayers first encounter him as a boss in Murkwater Cave after stealing the contents of a chest. During this fight, when Patches health is low, he offers to surrender. If players accept his surrender, he will appear as a merchant in Murkwater Cave, selling useful items such as Margit’s Shackle. He can also be summoned as an NPC to fight Starscourge Radahn Elden ring.

Elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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