Hidden details & secrets upon unpacking

unpacking was developed by Witch Beam and recently released on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One while also launching on Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service. As the name suggests, the game challenges players with the often simple task of moving.

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However, a game that involves moving multiple times seems like the world’s least appealing pastime unpacking convinced many people otherwise with its pleasantly relaxing gameplay and surprisingly emotional story. unpacking currently has a very impressive Metascore of 86 on Nintendo Switch and is receiving high praise from fans.

When unpacking the wide range of items in each level, many players will miss some fantastic little details that are often hidden in plain sight.

Updated August 8, 2022 by Maya Sattar: Unpacking presents itself as a unique zen puzzle game designed for players to turn their brains off while organizing and unpacking boxes. It has a heartwarming storyline that needs no words, just environmental and contextual conclusions and makes the player feel like they grew up with the unnamed main character. When sorting belongings into appropriate rooms, players easily overlook some of the smaller details and real-life references that were secretly added by the developers. With Witch Beam’s new game on the horizon, this list has been updated with a few bonuses Easter eggs and hidden secrets while unpacking the players may have overlooked.


10 The post credits image

In a game about unpacking boxes and moving houses, some people may be surprised to learn that there is a story in it unpacking. The story is not told with cutscenes or walls of text, but mainly through the contextual implications of each movement and the items placed.

Even so, and despite many Marvel movies teaching people otherwise, many gamers will assume that it’s safe to walk during cutscenes. This is a mistake, however, as a nice closing image is presented after the credits roll, bringing a game to a healthy ending and finally showing a clear picture of the key characters, albeit from behind.

Placing the cookie jar out of a child’s reach is one of the oldest tricks in any parent’s book for discouraging their children from stealing treats. Witch Beam developed it with this in mind unpackingas players get a nice reward for having parental instincts.

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Placing the cookie jar at a height that is difficult to reach will reward the player with an in-game achievement and sticker. There are many stickers to earn unpacking for notable item placements, but few bring back childhood nostalgia quite like the cookie jar.

8th inner child

As players unpack their lives, they get a sense of what the protagonist holds dear, with some of her possessions becoming recurring themes at each stage and year of her life. This makes for a unique storytelling experience that no game has really done before.

Careful observers may notice that the main character carries the same stuffed animals on his journey to adulthood – namely a stuffed pig (also seen in the game’s title screen) and a cat wearing a cute outfit and hat. Even if the main character goes to college or moves in with a partner, these stuffed animals will accompany them wherever they go. Your beloved stuffed animals can even be passed down to the next generation, which is pretty heartwarming.

7 Recognizable Toy

unpacking features tons of easter eggs that reference forgotten old-school toys, especially in the first bedroom stage from 1997. This first level will be a blast from the past for many players. Some may notice the plainly recognizable My little Pony figures in the game and are clearly modeled after the popular toys of the 90s with their hair parted on the side and long eyelashes.

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Other 90’s toys found in this level are the obvious Troll Dolls with their spiky colorful hair. There is also a reference to the Tomagatchis as the protagonist is holding a yellow one of these toys. For those who didn’t grow up during this era, Tomagatchis were pocket-sized virtual pets that required daily grooming, much like Nintendogs.

6 Recognizable game consoles

The levels inside unpacking all take place in different time periods with several years in between, and the items that are unwrapped are often appropriate to that year. A notable change that the protagonist often makes over the years is the choice of his favorite gaming console, which ranges from GameCube to Nintendo Wii to Xbox 360, among others.

Interestingly, game consoles are in unpacking have sparked discussions online as some younger gamers have expressed confusion about what a GameCube is, leading to older gamers raising concerns about their age.

5 Recognizable Video Games

Aside from gaming consoles, there are also a number of notable video games unpacking. Unlike gaming consoles, which are more distinguishable, the video games have very fuzzy covers, so many players go through the entire game without ever noticing that some familiar covers are being stacked.

Those with keen eyes will spot covers like That Simpsons: Hit and Run, Mario Kart, and Metroid Primeamong other.

4 Recognizable board games, books and DVDs

In addition to video games and consoles, there is also a wide range of other recognizable media and entertainment in Unpacking, like blurry representations of Jaws, The Handmaid’s Tale, and peterpan, which appear to be contained in the protagonist’s film and book collection. Those little niche Easter eggs for anyone who can spot.

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The range of board games in unpacking have their own unique names, but are almost certainly based on real titles, such as monopoly and katan.There’s a board game in particular called Procedure, which is an apparent parody of the popular 90’s board game. operation. The red/yellow color palette and distinctive, albeit blurry, cover artwork pay clear homage to this classic.

3 Space-saving spots

In a puzzle game that involves fitting numerous items into a small space, it should come as no surprise that there are times when players struggle to find a place for everything. Consequently, any extra space that can be found should be used and appreciated.

There are a few obvious areas like under beds and on top of closets, but there are also some that players may miss. For example, it is possible to put some items under each bed’s pillow, and toothbrushes and toothpaste can be collected in a single cup. Unfortunately, in a level, the only place for the character’s university diploma is under the bed.

2 The upcoming game from Witch Beam

Indie developer and creator of unpacking, Witch Beam dropped a hidden clue to her next game through clever pixel art. A TV screen in one of the final stages shows a colorful title screen and the word “TemPoPo”. It was revealed on Twitter that this is the title of their new upcoming game.

They don’t give any hints or hints as to what this game will entail, but whether it’s anything like their smash hit unpackingthen it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

1 The protagonist experienced a breakup

As already mentioned, unpacking has a coherent narrative that most players might not notice until a few levels through – that’s because it’s told in context and not through clear cutscenes or detailed dialogue that occupies a single line for each level. Midway through the game, players may be surprised when they realize the protagonist is going through an emotional time in their life.

After moving into a partner’s property, it seems as if the protagonist’s life continues to go up, with ever larger plots of land to move into. However, the protagonist seemingly breaks up with that partner, as evidenced by the level where the protagonist moves back in with his parents, and the player must put a couple’s photo in a closet instead of hanging it next to their other photos.

The kickback provides a nice change of pace to the game while also showing that not all moves in life are positive and progressive, but sometimes require regrouping and rethinking.

unpacking is available now for Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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