Here’s what the audience was ordered to do because Biden was late to light the Christmas tree

Well, President Joe Biden attended his first tree-lighting ceremony as a POTUS this week, and it’s not surprising that there are curious people.

Here’s what we expect from the Biden White House. In fact, it would be more noticeable if it went without a hitch.

The ceremony seemed to have gone smoothly for the most part, to be fair. It has all the necessary plants, lights and Marine musicians, as well as a performance from the wild Phoenix Flower Billy Porter (Biden is the most progressive president in history and it’s 2021; the White House is essentially required to include some sort of culturally divisive element that would otherwise be inappropriate for the establishment. of the Democratic Party today).

However, it’s time for the First Couple to take the stage to do the whole thing tree lighting Everything is going well, Bidenian.

As Fox News Report, the President and Mrs. Biden were unable to take the stage for a full two minutes after rapper LL Cool J made the announcement.


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This ultimately required audiences of service members and their families to be asked to sit down, then stand up and clap a second time when Mr. Biden was 78 years old and wife manage to find the way to the stage.

The result is both awkward and painful as the crowd stands to applaud the leader and is forced to stand still, wondering what they should do next.

Cool J jumped in to try to work things out, telling the crowd, “Okay, good feeling, good feeling,” before clumsily pausing.

I’m not sure if this is simply ’90s rapper slang for “calm down, people” or he’s doing a hip-hop spell to dispel the awkwardness, but bless for him, the poor man tried, and he continued to do so, although the scramble to clear the situation became more painful as he continued to order the crowd to return to the field. their discount to win two.

“Okay, so… we’ll do it again. Not all! You know, good friend, you all stood up, so patriotic, that was amazing. Yes, you are respecting the office – you must! ” he said (respecting the office of the president has returned to fashion this year, after briefly going out of style from 2017 to January 19, 2021).

“Sit down one more time, one more time,” LL continued, to the laughter of the crowd.

“It will be fine,” he added, smiling to himself, albeit with the air of someone who has been rethinking his recent life choices.

“Everything is going to be fine,” he said, as if to himself. “YES.”


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Then when he seemed to be aware that girls finally managed to get ready to step out, it’s time… again.

“Lots of applause!” shouted LL, with all the confidence of a daytime talk show producer.

The crowd obediently obeyed, even managing to cheer.

The Biden White House has a capacity problem?

“And now!” An apparently relieved rapper announced, “It is my great honor to welcome our real host, our literal host for this very American celebration. (It seems that LL has only been a figurative host up to this point), President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. ”

Cue the band, adjust the lighting, rotate the camera to the right, zoom in… the First Couple finally stepped forward without any urgency to the stage, with their delighted and slightly stunned gazes. President Biden. into the seriously cheering crowd, followed by a casual, fun salute.

Aaaa and the scene. Edema.

Completed presidential entrance.

I’m sure Biden staff People who have been scrambling to solve this mess need a drink at this point.

Of course, it’s not clear why this turned out so badly. The whole scene is seen as a forced and staged event rather than a cheery, breezy presidential ceremony.

You would think the Biden White House would have stage instructions at this point – after all, they’re not above using actual White House cameras to film things like Biden getting his COVID-19 boost shot.

But no, the administration’s general incompetence seems to outweigh any skill it might have in creating the impression that the White House shares it.

After all, this happened the same week that Jill Biden completely forgot about First Son’s illegitimate child Hunter Biden hanging stockings for each of the Biden grandchildren as part of a White House Christmas display – a blinding mistake that was masked by removing his socks – and then , for some inexplicable reason, erected President Biden to give a speech in front of the fireplace from which the socks were now clearly missing.

The Biden White House has clearly tried to arrange everything to fit the camera – and has failed miserably.

This is exactly the kind of thing that leads conspiracy theories to believe that Biden isn’t the “real” president – because, whether or not he was duly elected, nothing about his administration seems to be. is real, let alone capacity.

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