Here’s how to make Elden Ring easier

elden ring is a notoriously tough game that’s part of the appeal for many. There’s a lot more to the game than just difficult gameplay, however, with a story and presentation that no doubt more casual gamers would enjoy as well. Sometimes difficulties can get in the way, leaving players begging for an easy mode. While Elden Ring doesn’t have an easier difficulty setting, it’s possible to make the game less difficult. How to make Elden Ring easier on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

How can I make Elden Ring easier?

How to make the Elden ring easier

Players can make Elden Ring easier by:

  • Embrace the fact that they are going to die.
    • Most Elden Ring players will die often. It is expected. Also, dying doesn’t actually affect you that much. Sure, runes are lost, but they can easily be picked up again.
  • Try to lure enemies out one by one.
    • Fighting groups of enemies is rarely a good idea. Try attacking one enemy at a time to slowly break up groups.
  • Use the game’s multiplayer to your advantage.
    • Get help to beat harder bosses or dungeons. Don’t be afraid to give those fingers a chance!
  • Use the open world to level up.
    • Unlike other Souls games, Elden Ring allows players to explore most of the map without progressing through the story. This gives players the ability to grind their way through the ranks in easier areas.
  • Run away with torrent.
    • The Elden Ring horse is a great vehicle for escaping tough fights. Use it to escape from tougher encounters.
  • Bypass enemies to get powerful items.
    • Some of the best items in the game are hidden behind powerful groups of enemies. However, it’s often possible to simply run past these enemies before quickly grabbing the item you want.
    • Torrent can make running past enemies even easier, especially with its double jump maneuver.
  • Knowing that magic and ranged attacks can be incredibly powerful.
    • While melee builds are popular in FromSoftware titles, there’s always the option for a Mage or Archer build.
    • These classes can take down enemies at range and require less dodge/parry skills.
  • Farming runes.
    • There are now many video walkthroughs of good rune farming routes. Follow these to level up to a ridiculous level and the game should seem a lot easier.
    • Invest Runes in Vitality and Strength to see a large increase in the damage you can withstand and deal respectively.

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