Here’s every TFT Patch 11.16 balance change scheduled to take place

Riot Video games sport design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot Kent revealed a number of upcoming Teamfight Techniques stability adjustments throughout the 11.16 Patch Rundown, highlighting a rework to the Legionnaire trait and a number of Radiant merchandise changes. 

Scheduled to launch on Aug. 11, TFT Patch 11.16 seeks to create a harmonious stability between Radiant gadgets whereas adjusting a number of champions and traits. The Legionnaire trait, absent from the TFT meta for the reason that launch of Set 5, will obtain a rework to provide models Omnivamp whereas holding the assault pace unchanged. Nocturne can even see a rework, together with each shot from Lucian counting as an assault—permitting gadgets like Runaan’s Hurricane and Guinsoo’s Rageblade to work appropriately on the Sentinel champion. 

Right here’s each TFT champion, trait, and merchandise stability change scheduled to happen in Set 5.5 Patch 11.16, in response to the Patch Rundown. 


  • Legionnaire: Assault pace stays unchanged at 25/65/120/250 %
  • Legionnaire: New Omnivamp: 15/20/25/35 %
  • Abomination: Monstrosity stage scaling nerfed to 16 %
  • Hellion: Assault pace buffed from 5/30/75/150 to 10/35/75/150 %
  • Ranger: Assault pace elevated from 75/180 to 80/180 %
  • Skirmisher: Assault harm per second barely elevated from 3/5/15 to three/6/15

One-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Leona: Beginning mana buff from 0/80 to 40/80
  • Olaf: Heal on primary assault nerfed from 25/35/75 to twenty/30/70
  • Vayne: Assault harm elevated barely to 35

Two-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Irelia: Assault harm nerfed to 60
  • Sejuani: Bonus armor and magic resistance nerfed to 60/100/200
  • Sett: Armor and magic resistance barely elevated to 40
  • Thresh: Injury nerfed from 200/400/1000 to 175/350/800
  • Tristana: Rocket Bounce assault pace lowered from 125/150/175 to 120/140/160 %
  • Varus: Assault harm elevated to 65

Three-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Nocturne: Bonus harm is now 70/85/110 and scales with AP
  • Nocturne: Assault harm ratio lowered to 75 %
  • Nocturne: Heal modified from 90/95/100 to one hundred pc flat and now not scales with AP
  • Nocturne: Assault pace buff modified to a flat 35 %
  • Lee Sin: Cripple harm nerfed at three-star from 700 to 650
  • Lulu: Assault harm buffed to 50
  • Lulu: Assault pace buff length elevated from 4 to 5 seconds
  • Riven: Assault harm nerfed at three-star from 130 to 120 %
  • Yasuo: Injury nerfed at three-star from 650 to 600
  • Yasuo: Burning Blade stacking true harm on hit nerfed at three-star from 65 to 60

4-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Lucian: Each different shot from The Culling now counts as an assault 
  • Karma: Soulflare harm buffed from 210/260/700 to 225/280/750
  • Galio: Defend therapeutic buffed from 50 to 60 %
  • Galio: Defend harm nerfed at three-star from 2000 to 1200
  • Galio: Defend length elevated to 2.5 seconds
  • Aphelios: Assault harm scaling buffed at three-star from 425 to 500 %
  • Aphelios: Injury buffed at three-star from 400 to 600
  • Rell: Well being nerfed from 950 to 900

5-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Akshan: Assault pace buffed from 60/80/400 to 70/85/400 %
  • Garen: P.c well being harm elevated at two-star from 30 to 35 %
  • Gwen: Magic resistance steal modified from 1/1/11 to 2/2/11
  • Heimerdinger: Child dragon fireball harm nerfed at one-star from 450 400

Radiant merchandise Patch 11.16 stability adjustments

  • Blue Buff Radiant: Bonus capability energy buffed to 40 %
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Radiant: Armor and magic resistance per enemy elevated to 40
  • Big Slayer Radiant: Base harm amp elevated to 40 %
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade Radiant: New Radiant bonus of +30 % assault pace
  • Ionic Spark Radiant: Bonus well being regeneration lowered to 1 % most well being
  • Jeweled Gauntlet Radiant: Essential strike harm elevated to 90 %
  • Locket the Iron Solari Radiant: Prime protect worth elevated from 500/600/700 to 600/700/800
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap Radiant: Potential energy elevated to 120 %
  • Redemption Radiant: Lacking well being heal lowered to 25 %
  • Statikk’s Shiv Radiant: Chain lightning magic harm elevated to 115
  • Sunfire Cape Radiant: Bonus well being regeneration modified from one to 0.5 % most well being

Set 5.5 vanilla merchandise stability adjustments in Patch 11.16

  • Quicksilver: Crowd management immunity length elevated from 12 to fifteen seconds
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: Potential energy barely buffed from 70 to 75 %
  • Redemption: Lacking well being heal barely nerfed from 20 to 18 %
  • Sunfire Cape: Burn harm nerfed from 25 to twenty % and length lowered from 10 to eight seconds. 

Steadiness adjustments from the TFT 11.16 Patch Rundown are topic to vary earlier than the official launch, slated for Aug. 11. Patch notes for the replace are scheduled to launch on Aug. 10. | Here is each TFT Patch 11.16 stability change scheduled to happen


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