Here are the best Legends of Runeterra live streamers to watch on Twitch

Riot Games’ digital card game, Legend of Runeterra, continues to be popular on Twitch.

The launch of Magic Misadventures has sparked a resurgence in LoR, from opening up the meta with some of the best ladder tournaments and decks to increasing content creators on Twitch. Many of the best originals LoR streamers have weathered the ups and downs of digital card gaming since its launch in 2020, along with a growing number of streamers you may not have heard of — but should do.

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Whether attracting thousands of views or several dozen views, each view LoR Content creators provide a variety of entertainment and knowledge to their streams. All schedule times are CT and streamers are not listed in any particular order.

From the thrills and games of the viewers to the top ranked league players and beat to bop to watching the ranked game Master Tier, here are the best games. LoR live streamers to watch on Twitch after release Magic Misadventures expansion.

LoR streamers you may not know

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A former professional Pokémon TCG players, Maxgotthetracks has launched quality gameplay and YouTube videos with his recent switch to LoR. Compete in Masters and in LoR Max’s tournaments and live events have a chilling feel to it, ideal for new players and advanced enthusiasts alike. During the downtime, he makes music and offers a chat option during live to request songs through redeeming channel points. Maxgotthetracks is all about building LoR community and helping those in need through charity Tournaments with cash prizes. He also streams every day.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6 p.m. CT
  • Wednesday: 7 p.m. CT
  • Friday: Gloves Day
  • Saturday: 1 p.m. CT
  • Sunday: 5 p.m. CT


Streaming Monday through Friday at 11:15 a.m. CT, Rolyatack has forged a vibrant and friendly community. Her Discord is always around, with content ranging from memes and footage of the day to sports and competition. LoR deck of cards. Rolyatack’s favorite champion is Gangplank, and she dreams of one day being able to have her own top deck. Rolyatack’s streams showcase a mix of high-level and casual gameplay with her, and ModJule readily engages in a variety of chat topics.

Tempo Maou

Tempo Maou has reached Master rank every season since LoR beta date concurrently reached Master in League of Legends and TFT. Maou-Sama streams four to six days a week, usually starting around 4pm CT, and is a Vtuber. Consistently ranked in the top 700 over LoR Ranked ladder and known as the demon lord, Tempo Maou offers viewers a comfortable and friendly live streaming environment where his chat can even redeem channel points to throw things at him that.


Providing viewers with tips and insights on a wide range of competitive decks, StarboyDeluxe has won the title of best in Denmark LoR player of the tournament and have ranked in the top 100 via EU shard. He’s always wanted to teach players how to test a build, accept viewer submissions, and have a clear goal of building LoR community. StarboyDeluxe offers training sessions and has an active Discord filled with players discussing anything from deck technology to cartoons. Viewers can catch StarboyDeluxe on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 12pm CT.


Never too much, Ellzawn gives viewers a casual and comfortable stream of rated games, viewer submissions and Expedition games. She goes live on Fridays, starting at 10pm CT and on weekends from 5pm to around 11pm CT. Viewers can also catch her streaming on Mondays and Thursdays. Ellzawn gives viewers a relaxed atmosphere and is always willing to play any kind LoR ship deck.


GrandpaRoji is a high-level tournament competitor and LoR The coach has influenced LoR community with his vernacular Taliya/Malphite deck of the seasons. He’s been competing since his debut, consistently peaking in Master matches, and streaming Tuesday through Saturday at 2pm CT. And he is a legitimate grandfather.

Top Viewers LoR streamer

Image via Riot Games

Attracting the top views on Twitch, these streamers have been around since the beta days. Some are Seasonal champions and while others have made a name for themselves crafting and creating the best meta decks in LoR since its launch.


Swimstrim has been playing the digital card game since 1993. Most notably Gwent player as a deck-building master, Swimstrim turns to LoR in open beta and is now one of the most viewed streaming players. Viewers can check website.


Mogwai was once a Gwent streamer converted to MTG Arena and good enough to compete with the best Magic world experts at Mythic Championship VII. Mogwai is live now LoR Since the beta days, he’s had a knack for deck building and is never shy about explaining his play. He also interacts with chat throughout the stream and has a successful YouTube channel.


AlanzqTFT’s viewership has grown rapidly since the open beta. He won the Masters in Europe early on and then was in NA again just a week later. Team Liquid LoR and TFT player has consistently ranked at the top, known for its deck building and competitive play at a high level. His streams have a relaxed atmosphere, taking time to interact with chat and give gameplay tips.


GdayRuneterra is a full-time dad and LoR highest ranking content creators in both the European Union and North America. One problem first Yu-Gi-Oh As a professional competitor, GdayRuneterra offers a friendly and relaxing environment that showcases high-level gameplay. He interacts with chat and plays the best games LoR deck of cards. You can watch GdayRuneterra Sunday through Friday, starting at 3pm CT.


Jasensational loves posting memes on Twitter and top-level streaming LoR deck for ranked and competitive tournament play, finishing in the top 16 at two Seasonal tournaments. Viewers will be engaged in insightful analytical conversations surrounding the per-patch meta builds while also being trained on how to play them effectively. Entertainment runs Tuesday through Friday, starting at 7 p.m. CT.


From host and host of The Runeterra Show to the senior ladder and competitive play, MajiinBae is a former MTG Pro Tour’s competitors are LoR Create a championship universe with the seasons. Always happy to talk about the best competitive decks to play in tournaments, he also produces a variety of tutorials and how-to content on his YouTube channel. Viewers can watch MajiinBae Monday through Thursday at 6pm CT and sometimes on weekends. Here are the best Legends of Runeterra live streamers to watch on Twitch


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