Heatwave: What to wear to bed to stay cool in hot weather

Pajamas or no pajamas? (Image: Getty / EyeEm)

It was hot, and we couldn’t sleep.

It seems that no matter what position we put ourselves in, no matter how many times we flip the pillow, or kick the blanket over – it’s still too warm to drift off.

Of course, it is important to consider ways to Cool down your bedroom, and yours sleeping arrangements if you share a bed. But what you wear in bed can also make a big difference.

Whether you’re a nude sleeper or don’t feel comfortable without a proper button-up PJ, you may need to reevaluate your nightwear if you’re struggling to nod off in the heat. .

Georgia Metcalfe, co-founder and designer of French Bedroom Company, said that pajamas lovers really need to think about the material.

Just like when you choose your workout gear, the material of your clothes can have a big impact on how hot you are and how you deal with perspiration. And this is very important when you are sleeping.

Georgia says: ‘Try on a loose cotton or silk garment that will help your skin breathe and avoid overheating in bed.

‘Anything that’s too tight on your skin – whether it’s pajamas or bed sheets – will create a warm layer between your fibers and cuticles, increasing perspiration and exacerbating the symptoms. skin conditions like eczema – end up making you more uncomfortable.’

Nectar Sleep Expert, Patrick Ross, agrees and recommends investing in some lightweight cotton pajamas.

“They will allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool all night long,” says Patrick.

‘Typically, cheaper materials can make you sweat more throughout the night, but cotton allows your skin to shed sweat that would otherwise be deposited on your skin.’

Should you sleep naked during a heatwave?

But what about the naked debate?

When you go to bed and your bedroom is like an oven, your first instinct is probably not to want to do anything. Georgia says this might be a good idea.

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘Only one in five people sleep naked (23 per cent), but it’s one of the best ways to improve sleep quality, especially when it’s warm.

‘Sleeping naked helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.’

Patrick agrees: ‘Sleeping naked is another good option for optimizing your sleep, as it lowers your skin temperature. This will keep you awake at night and less disrupt the REM sleep cycle, which is key for learning, memory, and mood regulation. ‘

However, some experts suggest that sleeping naked can actually make you sweaty and uncomfortable during the night.

The argument is that when you get naked and start to sweat, the sweat settles on your body and stays there – making you feel warmer.

Pure cotton on your skin can help remove the layer of sweat, thus keeping you a little cooler.

But if you can’t cope with the thought of wearing a t-shirt in this sweltering heat, good quality bedding can do the same job.

Georgie says: ‘Cotton, linen or silk sheets will be more comfortable for you to sleep naked, the natural fibers will be gentle on your skin and provide all the important breathability. important.

‘If possible, couples should try to have one sheet per person as this will keep each other moist.’

In addition to picking the perfect bedtime outfit, Patrick shared some smarter tips to help you sleep soundly:


Put your sheets or pillowcases in the freezer right before you go to bed.

Make sure you wrap it in a sealed plastic bag first so it doesn’t get wet from the rocks and then let it sit for about five minutes.

This is a quick tip to make sure your body temperature is low when you make your bed and will help you fall asleep faster when the night air is muggy.

Wash your wrists

Running cold water on your hands, wrists, and feet can lead to a cooler body temperature. This is another temporary solution, but often a temporary solution is all you need to start your sleep.

This is a healthy, easy way to change up your body just enough so that you can really enjoy the start of sleep. Often that’s enough to keep you going into the evening when your body temperature drops while you’re sleeping.

Get the right mattress

One of the key factors for a good night’s sleep is the mattress you lie on.

When we sleep on it every night, it not only needs to be comfortable and has good sturdiness, but it also needs to be breathable.

Homemade ice bag

It might be normal to sleep with a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed in the winter months, but why not make a summer version?

Put some rice in a sock and tie it up and put it in the freezer all day. At night, placing it at the foot of the bed will keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night. It’s also free, reusable, and eco-friendly.

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