Hawkeye: Yes [Spoilers] Really dead?

The following article contains additional sections for Hawk Eye and Spider-Man: There’s no way home.

Hawkeye’s the finale left more lasting consequences in MCU perhaps more than any other Disney Plus series to date, only with Loki is coming up somewhere near Clint Barton’s solo debut, and even that is largely due to the multiverse nature of the former.

All of this is thanks to an action episode that also happened to leave a big question mark as Marvel moves forward, pun intended entirely. Like everything that currently exists Hawk Eye world: Clint is enjoying the holidays with her family as part of her semi-annual retirement; Kate Bishop is officially her childhood hero’s apprentice; Eleanor Bishop is about to go to prison; Jack Duquesne was as eccentric as ever; and most importantly, Maya Lopez got her hands dirty by finishing off the man who betrayed her father, Kazi and Wilson Fisk.


RELATED: Hawkeye Episode 6 Easter EggsIn short, it has quite a bit left to digest, and that’s without mining Laura Barton’s Potential Past as a Mockingbird, but the last one is the one that could get many fans affected in the wrong way. Why? Because of 3 years later Daredevil’s cancel on Netflix, Hawk Eye brought joy to many by bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin the same week that Charlie Cox returned as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: There’s no way home, all after relentless fan petitions asking Disney to resurrect or reboot the series as it was.

Kingpin and Kazi are scared in Hawkeye

Overall, it was a great week to be a Daredevil fans, or at least would have been if Maya hadn’t shot her uncle after stabbing Kazi, however, in movies and especially Marvel, the rules state that unless the audience sees a character’s corpse, really cannot be considered dead. In Kingpin’s case, it makes sense for him to try to fend off Maya in a last-ditch effort to avoid being killed by a bullet to the head, and instead fire a shot so his armor stays on. can save him.

In Daredevil, one of the most interesting moments in the show is when Matt receives his suit from Melvin Potter, which is made from the same material that protects Kingpin in his black or white suit. This is what made fighting the Kingpin so difficult for Matt at first, and although Kingpin now has more varied color preferences to match his signature stick from the comics in the MCU , Hawk Eye also revealed that he is wearing similar armor.

This is evident during Kingpin’s fight with Kate, where the latter is unable to place an arrow in Fisk’s body even if shot directly at him. Suffice it to say that Kingpin makes it out of this to make sense both from a practical standpoint and as something the character who killed his father would do, however when digging into the comics background, there is also a Some interesting source material to borrow from .

Kingpin's death in Hawkeye

Turned out, in a comic book appearance by Echo, her origin story shows her to be out of favor with the Kingpin only to have a similar confrontation with where she shot her uncle but instead of just killing him, it left him blind. While Marvel Studios has yet to clarify whether these Daredevil and Kingpin are the same in the MCU, that still makes Fisk as ironic and bitter as in the comics.

Kingpin and Hawkeye fight in Daredevil there’s a certain sadistic feel that doesn’t usually seem to be present in the MCU, and somehow Hawkeye managed to create similar vibes due to the fact that it’s a show that doesn’t involve the robot trilogy, Sam Wilson’s aliens and wizards. Imagining future wars between Kingpin and Daredevil currently thwarted inside the MCU would be the icing on the cake these characters need, and that doesn’t need to throw Spider-Man into the mix.

Kingpin Daredevil fights Vincent D'Onofrio

All that said, Maya and Kingpin’s final scene in Hawk Eye most likely open the frame of Echo series, though, since that won’t come too soon, it’s safe to deny the possibility of D’Onofrio appearing in She is heavy, depending on where that show is in the Marvel timeline. As of now, Hawk Eye will appear soon Spider-Man: There’s no way home this makes the loss from the series even more interesting.

Hawkeye’s The biggest achievement is introducing two new female characters with a lot of potential like Kate Bishop and Echo, rescuing Clint Barton’s identity to solve his branding problems as an Avenger, and bringing the big hit. Wilson Fisk returned as if not a day had passed since Matt’s arrest. If this is the same character, that part of the story alone deserves to be explored with whatever storyline Marvel Studios may come up with.

When it comes to real-world arguments, it would be counterintuitive to bring back Kingpin and Daredevil on behalf of Marvel just to kill Matt’s greatest enemy, and with D’Onofrio enjoys a great role of him at, everything is just Hawk Eye just playing in the wrong direction. If not, an hour of D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is definitely still worth the wait.

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