Hawkeye: Kate Bishop has gone blind

The latter features spoilers for Hawkeye on Disney Plus.

Hawk Eye not only gives fans a better look at Clint Barton in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also provides audiences with their introduction to the younger comic book Hawkeye in Kate Bishop. After he saved her life during the Chitauri’s invasion of New York in 2012, Kate set herself on a path to becoming as powerful and capable as an Avenger. She grew up learning archery, martial arts, fencing and excelling in every field. The question after the first two hours of the show is whether she’s going through Snap’s five years to mature, or has she gone back to her life in Blip?


There is a bit of conflicting evidence in the first episode of Hawk Eye as Kate is introduced as a college student, but also doesn’t seem fully aware of everything that’s been going on in the past few years. There are also some conversations between Kate and other characters that put her real age into question.

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Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop holding a bow in Hawkeye

Clint Barton, embodying both father and superhero fatigue, constantly makes comments about how young Kate is and tries to keep her out of range. When Kate talks about five years old, Clint sarcastic sarcasm, “So, last year?” When he questioned her whether she was 18, she replied, with some hesitation, that she was 22.

If Hawk Eye set in the year after Blip like the rest of the MCU projects to be released in 2021, which means it takes place right after the world has spent 5 years with half the universe missing. If Kate disappeared in Snap at 17, she would technically turn 18 next year when she returns in Blip, but she’ll actually be 22. .

When Jack overhears Kate and her mother talking about molotov cocktails, he pretends not to know what it is, wondering if Kate is old enough to drink one. That only reinforces the idea that Kate is under 21 because that’s the legal drinking age in the US, calling her “22”.

Clint and Kate wait for the subway in Hawkeye

Kate also doesn’t seem to fully know who Ronin is or what the vigilante did. She doesn’t know anything about the Tracksuit Mafia although they seem to be very active in her hometown. To be fair, it’s likely Kate hasn’t been home much in the last four years because she’s gone to college. The live action players that Clint encounters also don’t seem to know the full meaning of the Ronin suit despite recognizing Clint as well.

Ronin, however, made worldwide news when Clint Barton dressed to eliminate organized crime members everywhere. As news broadcast in Hawkeye’s Episode 2 pointed out, he started by eliminating members of organized crime in New York after the Snap. When Black Widow found him in the events of Avengers: Endgamehowever, he is already in Mexico and is busy in Japan. The announcer also mentioned that Ronin hadn’t been seen in New York in years, making it clear that New York is an early stop for post-Snap vigilantes, but he hasn’t been active in the city since Blip. Even so, the suit is distinctive enough that broadcasters can recognize it from grainy video footage.

Kate, who has been obsessed with protecting herself and her mother ever since she witnessed the Chitauri invasion and the death of her father, it seems she will keep an eye on a busy vigilante. busy protecting the world after Thanos cut it in half. Even if she doesn’t figure out Ronin’s identity, since it doesn’t appear to be anyone else, doesn’t she have at least some knowledge of the suit and sword before seeing it at the market auction. black for her rich neighbors?

Eleanor and Jack smile at the dinner party in Hawkeye

Sound It is increasingly likely that Kate Bishop victim of Snap even though the audience considers her a college student and the denomination as “22”. If Kate comes back in Blip, she’ll be at the right age to start college, starting over where she left off like so many others were Snapped away. While some might argue that if she was Snapped as a teenager she and her mother might want to be around each other, that may not be the case.

As the audience saw when Kate was ten years old, she and Eleanor weren’t particularly happy. Kate was much closer to her father, and only went to lunch with her mother on the day of the Chitauri invasion at her father’s request. She wants to protect her mother because of her obligations after losing her father, but the two are not really warm and affectionate towards each other.

If Kate is gone in 5 years, Eleanor will be deeply saddened, but continue to live her life. That could explain the increased gap in the series premiere. Eleanor is still providing for Kate, paying for the replacement bell tower at her school and giving her a job at the security company, but Kate doesn’t seem to know what’s going on in her mother’s life. that. Jack is one of the “changers” that Eleanor tries to warn Kate about, but Kate finds out from someone else that her mother is engaged.

Either Jack became a part of Eleanor’s life extremely quickly, as Kate noticed that a sudden large number of swords at her mother’s house could indicate, or Eleanor made it easier for Kate to recognize a number of them. Major changes occurred in the five years Kate left. . Eleanor seems to hold Kate by no means while she waits for her daughter to adjust, making this a possible option.

Audiences hope to get a definite answer as to whether Kate Bishop is one of the MCU’s Blipped members. like the rest of Hawk Eye season opens.

Hawk Eye currently streaming on Disney Plus with new episodes every Wednesday.

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