Hawkeye is the heart of comics

When Hawk Eye is fast becoming a fan-favorite streaming series, it seems to be missing one major thing: its heart. The latest Marvel show on the popular Disney Plus based on the popular comic series by Matt Fraction and David Aja. It has Introducing Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s apprentice is played by talented actor Hailee Steinfeld.

The series is interweaving bits from its original material, while still adding their own pieces to it, like the intro to the tragically doomed character Grills. But at the end of each episode, something still seems to be missing. It didn’t quite hit in place Fraction knows well: the heart of the audience.


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Where did Hawkeye go wrong?

Hawkeye (2)

Within minutes of the series’ premiere, Hawk Eye establishes new ground for those familiar with its source material. It’s seamless provides newcomer Kate Bishop with storylines was ironed for Clint Barton. It’s a risky choice, as she’s a new character and viewers have yet to form a relationship with her. Therefore, it has created a low-risk atmosphere. This dull vibe continued throughout the movie as Marvel nearly missed out on all the emotional fans in the comics.

The most prominent example is when Lucky is rescued from the Tracksuit Mafia. In the Fraction comics, Lucky was rescued by Clint after the gang’s abuses were exposed. Featured in the first episode, Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon, Clint got into a scuffle with his “brothers” and as they chased him down a dark street, one of them kicked the dog into traffic. The harsh treatment immediately caught the archer’s attention and he paused, returning to examine the dog (eventually named Lucky). The dog ran into the middle of the street and was hit by a car.

This evoke many emotions from Clint, who was introduced as a disorganized mess guy with loads of personal baggage stemming from his strained relationship with the Avengers and his past love affairs. Eventually, he came across the injured dog, hastily taking it to a local vet clinic. Over the next few pages, Clint is seen desperately pleading for Lucky’s safety.

Three episodes in the series streamed and there hasn’t been a dramatic rescue for the puppy yet. The show seems to have cast a shadow over the drama and chose to let Kate blow the whistle for him after being left outside. Since then, he has refused to leave her.

Why does Hawkeye shy away from personal work?

Maya Lopez and her uncle in Hawkeye episode 3

Lucky is not the first case of Hawk Eye shy to get personal. Viewers are at the halfway point of the series and it has introduced two new characters: Kate and deaf martial artist Echo (leader of the Mafia Tracksuit). The comedy, however, neglected to make any form of investment in either. Their emotional spheres are only shown through flashbacks – a kind of lazy storytelling that makes for a compelling scenario.

TV Clint’s struggle to connect with family is the closest thing that Hawk Eye The audience has to invest in, however, having to step back after all the chaos that goes on with each episode. Which begs the question: Why should we care? It has been hypothesized that with Introduction by Jack Duquesne, aka Swordsman, Clint might finally get a worthwhile storyline but with just three episodes left, Marvel might not be able to pull it off.

How does the program get saved? Easily. It needs a commitment to fluff. Hawkeye was supposed to take on the quirky apartment dwellers that Clint in the comics encountered while running Fraction. Notable residents include a single mother with two daughters, real MVP Grills, pink-haired bike messenger Aimee, and others. Little information about the characters was given out throughout the issues, and they ended up assisting Clint in capturing the Mafia Tracksuit as the Russian gang was terrorizing their livelihood. Together at the apartment, they gather to earn money on the rooftop and call for each other’s help – creating a real community, albeit only featured on a select few sites.

Hawk Eye Currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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